Жаңа сабақтар


Plan of the class —5’A».

The theme of the lesson ;What is your mother like ?

Aims of the lesson ;to teach pupils to describe themselves and people, to enrich their vocabulary. 2.to develop reading,writing,lexical habits. 3.to bring up their love for nature,for countryand for people.

Type of the lesson;mixed using the games . Methode ;explanation,answer-question,practical,pair,group. Grammar ;to have,personal pronouns .

Stage s of the lesson.1.organization moment. 2.Phonetic drill. 3.checking hometask, 4.presentation of the new words. 5.concluding stage.

1.organization moment ;greeting. asking about day,date,weather,absents.

2.phonetic drill.ex.1.one,one,little dog run,two,two,cats see you.three,three,birds in the tree.four,four,rats on the floor. T—S1,2,3,4,5,6.

3.checking home task.ex13. This is my T-shirt.This is my sweater.This is my tie.

4.Prestation of the new materials.intoduction of the words.Ex2.listen and say the words in the box. beautiful,nice,handsome,tall,short,fat,thin,strict,kind.

Ex.4.work with the pictures.I have a nice doll.I have kind mother.I have beatiful sister.I have brotherandsister.i have a father and agrandmother.

EX 5. Listen the dialogue and answer the questions.pupils listen to the CD.say

5 sentences ,1What’s her name? Asel’s mother’s name is Alma 2.How old is she ?

She is 36. 3.Is she beautiful ? She’s beautiful.4.Is she kind ? She is kind. 5.Is she thin? She is thin. Game .calling 6 words on the theme. mother—kind,father—

tall,brother—strict,sister—beautiful, grandmother—very kind. T-CLass.

Game,DAY and NIght. T—I divide the class into 2groups,the DAY will make positive and the NIGHT will make the negative sentences .

1.My mother is beautiful. 1.My mother isn’t tall.

2.My father is tall. 2. My father isn’t thin.

3.My sister is nice. 3.My sister isn’t strict.

4.My brother is kind. 4.My brother isn’t fat.

Ex,6.The song »My family». t—p 12345678910.

5 stage. Ex 8. competition of TV journalists.Pupils will speak about their family.the best speaker will be winner of the cometition and will be awarded a present.

1. I have a family.I have my father.He is 32. He is kind.My mother is beautiful.She is 30.My brother is tall. My sister is nice.She is 15. My grandfather is 75.He is very kind.My grandmother is thin. She is 70. I love my family.


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