Жаңа сабақтар


7 «а» сыныбы

Presentation of the lesson:

The theme: School canteen.


Тақырыбы: Мектепасханасы


1.The training and up bringing objectives: discussing new theme, consolidating the last lesson;

Білімділік: жаңатақырыптыталқылау, өткен сабақты пысықтау;

2. Developing: to develop pupil’s speaking and writing abilities;

Дамытушылық: жазбашажәнеауызекімашықтардыдамыту;

3.Upbringing: to teach students to help their parents, to have good manners on the tables.

Тәрбиелік: балалардыңмейірімділіксезімдеріндамыту, үстелбасындамәдениеттіболуғаүйрету;

The aim: to introduce new grammar, to make pupils speak English

Мақсаты: жаңатақырыптытүсіндіру, оқушыларментамақтанутақырыбындаағылшыншасөйлесу

The aids: interactive board, cards

Құрал-жабдықтар, көрнектіқұралдар: интерактивтіктақта, дидактикалықматериалдар

The procedure of the lesson.


Organizational moment: 3-4 min.


T. -Hello children.

P.-Hi teacher.

T.-How are you today? –We are fine.

T.Ok, great. You may sit down.

T.Who is on duty today?

T.Alisher are you on duty today?

P.No, I am not. /Yes, I am on duty.

Sanzhar please answer my questions.

What date is it today?

(Date) The 20-th of November.

You are right, thanks.

The day of the week.

Is it Thursday today?

No, it is not. It is Wednesday.

Good of you. Take your sit please.

2. Жаңатапсырмалардықалыптастыру

b) Phonetic drill: Children look at the screen please. Slide 1.- 2min.


read REPEAT : I like bread.

I like cheese.

My dear mother give me please.

Well done children.

The forming of new knowledge; 7-8 min.

Now please open your copybooks write down the date and the theme of the lesson.

3. Жаңабілімдібекіту

The next task is: ( translate the words) Look at the screen. Slide 2

1. a Roast potato-

2.A hamburger-

3. an omellete and tea-

4. a lemonade-


There is/are. Is used in singular form, are is used in plural form.

ережесиThere is/ are

There are apples in the basket.

There is a Coke-Cola drink in the street.

Now please,open your books at page n.73 exercise n.3 Fill in the gaps. -6 min.

There is / are There isn’t/ aren’t
There is salad. There isn’t any milk.
There are hamburgers. There are not hamburgers.
There is a toast. There isn’t any toast.
There are my favorite drinks. There aren’t tasty bananas.

The next task is: put the words in to correct order.


Like, I a, sausage.

Drink, she, lemonade, a.

Next tea, my, favorite, is.

Right you are, Good, Correct, think a little bit.

Next tea, my, favorite, is.

Right you are, Good, Correct, think a little bit.

Are you tired children?

Lets do training exercise.2-3 min.

1Butterfly, butterfly.

Where do you fly?

I fly in the blue-blue sky.

Great. Please sit down.

The next task is checking the home work. 7-8 min.

British and Kazakh food.

p-s 70-71 exercise 12, read the text.

The jigsaw. (Find and correct the words).5 min.







You are so clever pupils. You worked hard today. I would say your marks. ( Excellent, Great, Good)


Write down the home task. Ex.2 page 73 read and translate.

The lesson is over, Bye.

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