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Lesson theme: Extra practice.(Revision lesson)

(Hot Spot 1)

Form: 5 «A»

The aims of the lesson: 1) Educational: to enrich pupils’ speaking and writing

skills by reviewing learned materials.

2) Developing: to develop pupils’ ability in asking and

answering their own questions, develop their memory

and creative working.

3) bringing up: to bring up pupils to respect each other

while working in a group or in a team.

Type: Revision lesson

Methods: brainstorming, questions, answers, talking, memory game

Form: individual, pair work, work with class

Materials: a book, cards, pictures, matching

Technical means: Interactive board, computer

Stages of the lesson.

  1. Introduction
  2. Checking the homework
  3. Brainstorming
  4. Presentation. (Extra practice)
  5. Revision part.
  6. Homework
  7. Assessment.


Greeting. Checking the attendance. Listen to the report of the pupil on duty.Talking about today’s weather. What is the weather like today? What season is it now? What month is it now?

II.Checking the homework.

You’ve leant grammar theme ‘have got’ and let’s check your knowledge on this theme.

Make questions with these words.( slide 1)

  1. You, any sweets, have got?
  2. Any money, got, your best friend, has?
  3. Got, any sandwiches, your classmates, have?
  4. Has, an mp3 player, your teacher, got?
  5. A key, have, you, got?

III. Brainstorming (slide 2)

I have some questions.

What is there near your home?

What subjects are you good at?

When does your lesson start?

What are there on your desk?

IV. Presentation. (Extra practice)

Look at your books page number 73 activity book

Let’s do some exercises

Vocabulary, matching and grammar exercises

P1…………, P2…………., P3………….., P4……….

V. Revision part.

This part consists of several steps. We have a short competition in this part. And the class is divided into two groups. We’ll see which group will be quicker and winner.

So let’s begin our game with question-answer. So the first part is called « Question-answer»

Pupils from each group will ask and answer questions.

2)The first group will talk about their timetables

The second group will talk about the timetable looking at the picture.(slide 3)

3)Ask questions using a, an, any looking at the picture.(slide 4)

Have you got any money?

Have you got a key?

4) Memory game.

One of the pupils will talk about his/her school and the other pupil will repeat his/her speech what he’s remembered.

5)The last part is Grammar.(slide 5)

Complete with a/an, two, some, any.

-Have you got…….sweets?

-No, I haven’t got ……. sweets but I’ve got ……chocolate bar.

-Have you got ………sandwiches?

-Yes, I’ve got ……..sandwiches and I’ve got ….. drink.

-Have you got ……mobile phone?

-No, I haven’t got …..mobile phone.

— What else have you got?

-I’ve got ……apple and ……keys.

-What about rubbish? Have you got ….rubbish?

-No I haven’t got……. rubbish but I’ve got…….tissues.

VI. Homework.

Make up three questions.


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