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Plan of the class —5 »a» —5»b». 23.12.13.

The theme of the lesson; English is my favourite subject.

Aims of the lesson;asking and talking about subjects and some activities .

Білімдік мақсат; оқу материалы бойынша алған білімдерін нығайту, тиянақтау,шығармашылыққа баулу,пәнге деген қызығушылығын арттыру.

Дамытушылық; білімдік іскерлік дағдыларын дамыту,

Тәрбиелік ; тілді құрметтеуге баулу,дүниетанымын кеңейту.

Grammar;Present Simple.

Vocabulary; active new words .

The type of the lesson; competition .

1.Organization moment; T; Good morming,children! How are you? I’m glad to see

you.Sit down,please. CL; Good morming,teacher! Fine, thank you. I’m sitting.

2. T; Children,today we are having revision lesson.Listen,to the CD.Let’s song the

‘Hello! How are you ?’. CL; Hello! How are you ? I’m great!

‘Hello! How are you? I’m happy!

‘Hello! How are you? I’m OK ! I’m OK.I’m OK.

‘Hello! How are you ? I’m sad.I’m sad.I’m sad.

3.T ; And let’s remember the English Alphabet.

A—-ant,apple, B—book,bed.C—cat,car. D-dog,day. E—egg,eleven, F—frog,fish.

G—gout, guitar, H—hello, he, I—I’m,iron. j—jump,jug,jam.K—kite,kick,key.etc.

4Competition of the poems

The sun wakes up, Rain ,rain go away,

Yes,the sun wakes up. Come again another day,

The sun smiles , little Johnny wants to play.

Yes,the sun smiles. Rain,rain go to Spain.

The wind blows. never show your face again.

Yes,the wind blows. Go to bed late,

The rain falls down. stay very small,

Yes,the rain falls down, Go to bed early,

The sun goes down, grow very tall.

Yes, the sun goes down. I have many pencils,

The sun goes down. Red and green and blue,

The moon comes up, I can draw a picture,

Yes,the moon comes up. And give it to you.

5. make up the diologe.Kamilla, come here,ask your classmates about themselves;

K; What’s your name ? B;My name’s Bayan.

How old are you ? B;I am 10.

How are you? B;I am OK.

Which class are you in ? I am in 5’a’ class.

What suject do you like ? B; I like English,Kazakh.

6.Look at the interactive board, put in missing letters.

mo—er, sist—, fa—er, bro—er,grandfa—er, grandmo—er, tea—er,ca-, s-n,bla—,

7. Slide 2.jumled letters,correct setences.

a). is, who,this,?. b).is,my,brother, this. c). my,sister,is,this. d). father,is,this,my.


A; Hi! How are you ? C; How are you ?

I am OK.And you ? OK.And you?

A; Fine,how old are you? N;OK.I like English,and you?

D;I’m 10.how old are you? C;I like Maths.Are you good at

A;I’m 11.Which classare you in? English ?

D; I am in 5’a’ class. N;Yes,I am good at English.

A;Good bye ! C; Good bye !

D; See you soon ! N;Good bye !

9.The next stage is a SURPRISE !. 1.read the letter;B,D,J,O,G.H,Z,Q.W.V.R.


3.name the numbers ; 1,5,6,12,13,10,23,21,30,40,45,51,64,18,20,57,60,70,80,90.

4.Answer the question ;Do you like English ?’. Are you good at English ?

5. translate ; I love my family. I am a schoolgirl. I am a schoolboy. I love my Motherland .

10.THE SCENE of the class .NICE TURNIP.

Grandfather ; Good morning, the sun. Good morning , the sky .Oh, what a big turnip1,2,3.i can’t pull it up . Grandmother, help me, please !

Grandmother ;OK,I’m coming here.1,2,3. NO,no.we can’t pull in up. Dauter,help us,please!

Dauther ; OK, I am coming.1,2,3. NO,no .We can’t pull it up.Dog,help us,please .

Dog; OK, I am coming. 1,2,3. We can’t pull it up.Cat,help us ,please.

Cat ; OK, I am coming.1,2,3. We can’t pull it up.Mouse,help,please.

Mouse; OK,I am coming.1,2,3. OK.Oh , yes.WE have a big turnip .

Turnip ;Here Iam. Good morning! I am a big turnip.

The next stage ; The cotton girl and the cat.

Author ;One day the cotton girl cleans her room and fined a raisin .The girl call her cat .But the cat doesn’t come .And the girl eat the raisin .After the cat came and says ;’Who call me and why ?’.But the girl doesn’t answer .The cat was angry and to pour milk out.The cotton girl takes out the cat’s tail . The cat says ;My dear girl, give me my tail.’The cotton girl says ; At first you must bring me mymilk ,than I’ll give you your tail .The cat come to the cow and says ;My dear cow,plee,give me milk.’

The cow says ;» I want to eat grass,bring me grass.’ The cat come to the tree and says ;»My dear tree, give me grasses.»

The tree says ; »I want to drink water.Bring me water.» The cat come to the river and sees the girls who are with the water and cat says;»My dear girls ,please,give me water».

The girls says ; »We want to chew.bring us chewing gumes,then we’ll give you water.’

The cat comes to the shop assistant.The cat says ;»my dear ,shop assistant.give me chewing gumes.».

The shop assistant says ;»I want to buy eggs ,bring me eggs.i’ll give you chewing gumes.’

The cat come to the hen and says ;»I’m hungry. I’m hungry .I want to eat.Bring me eggs.’

The hen says ;»Bring me, wheat, I’ll give you eggs.’ The cat catches the mouse and says ;»Have you got any wheat ?’.

The mouse says ;»Yes, I have ,I give you wheat .»

The cat comes to the hen,hen gives eggs,and the cat comes to the shop assistant,he gives chewing gumes, the cat comes to the tree and the tree gives grasses, the cat comes to the cows, the cow gives milk, the cat comes to the cotton girl and the girl gives cat’s tail.

Our lesson is over. Thank you for your work You are very active. Good bye

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