Ағылшын тілі

Ю.Гагарин атындағы

 №8 жалпы білім беретін

 орта мектеп

Ағылшын тілі пәнінің мұғалімі

 Сулейменова Бахыткул Топжаргановна


Темаурока: Let’s think of the future (болашақты ойлайық)

Цель урока: обобщить имеющиеся у учащихся знания по данной теме;

закрепить коммуникативные умения и навыки;

обучающая: закрепить лексико- грамматические  навыки, развивать навыки

устной и монологической  речи по теме;

развивающая: развивать способности к сравнению, к распределению

внимания, коммуникабельности, умение выражать своё

отношение к теме, способствовать развитию аналитического,

критического и образного мышления через использование

проблемных ситуаций и творческих заданий;

воспитательная: формировать уважительное и ответственное отношение к

природе, воспитание бережливости; формировать

способность осознавать экологические проблемы и

желание помочь природе;

Тип урока: урок повторения и закрепления знаний;

Вид урока: урок — конференция;

Речевой материал: грамматический: модальные глаголы: can, must, should;

Методы и приёмы: коммуникативный, репродуктивный, словесный, исследовательский, элементы ИКТ;

Технологии: элементы информационно-коммуникационный, личностно-

ориентированный технологии

Межпредметная связь: география, экология;

Оборудование урока: мультимедийний проектор, раздаточный материал;








План урока

  1.       I.            Организационный момент

a)    Приветствие

b)   Мозговой штурм (warm – up)

  1.    II.            Закрепление знаний по теме

1)   Постановка цели урока

2)   Объяснение учителя (показ слайдов)

  1. III.            Выступление учеников

a)    Эколог

b)   Доктор

c)    Ученик

d)   Житель города Байконур

  1. IV.            Вопросы учеников (журналистов)
  2.    V.            Подведение итогов
  3. VI.            Домашнее задания
  4. VII.            Оценка деятельности учащихся на уроке













Ход урока

  1.       I.            Организационный момент

T: Good morning boys & girls! Glad to see you!

Cl: Good morning teacher!

T: Sit down, please…

  1.    II.            Закрепление знаний по теме
    1. 1.  Постановка цели урока

Now, let’s continue our lesson. Today we’ll have our conclusion lesson on the topic. “Environment”. Our task is to remember and to discuss, about ecological problems and the nature. But first of all let’s revise some material you have learned before. Now, listen to me attentively and answer my questions.

T: We are surrounded by plants and animals.

So, what is around us?

P1: Nature

T: What harmful rain do you know?

P2: Acid rain

T: People throw away a lot of…

P3: Garbage

T: Dirty air is called…

P4: Smog

T: Polluted air is bad for people, animals and …

P5: Plants

T: We don’t want to be ill. We want to be…

P6: healthy

T: What is ecology?

P7: Ecology is a science about nature and relations of men and natural world.

T: What are destructive activities of people and kinds of pollution?

P8: Air pollution, water pollution, nuclear pollution, littering

Now, pupils, let’s continue our lesson. We will discuss many important problems, connected with our topic “environment”. You will exchange your opinions about this global problem; we’ll speak how to protect our Earth, how to prevent further pollution of the atmosphere, and what urgent and necessary measures to undertake.

  1. 2.  Объяснение учителя (показ слайдов)

Now, before beginning our lesson we’ll watch the presentation. I hope our presentation will help you. Now, we’ll watch the presentation called. Ecology. Protection of the environment. Now, play attention please. The Earth is our Home. For a long time too little attention was paid to the environment. Today the situation is quite different. People all over the world are worried what is happening to the environment because of modern industry and the need for more energy. Newspapers and magazines write about water, air and land pollution. Now many parts of the world are overcrowded, people live in big cities and much of the waste, especially waste from factories, electric power stations, the chemical industry and heavy industry are very dangerous. Fish dies in lakes, rivers and seas, forest trees die too. Animal and plant species are being wiped out. These problems become very pressing, the subject of many scientific meetings. Let everybody remember: we live only once and not a very long live. We have one earth for all those who love it and who do not.





















1)    Our land is full of beautiful flowers, plants, trees which grow and blossom in the meadows, on the banks of the rivers and lakes, in the forests and in our gardens pay attention. The world is a very beautiful place. There are beautiful, forests, animals, mountains and wonderful rivers, seas and oceans. But some people are destroying the environment.

  1. III.            Выступлениеучеников

Today we have an unusual lesson. We have a conference. Representatives of different professions of our society will speak about ecological problems. Let me introduce our quests to you:

  1.  An ecologist – Yerbol Tulemisov
  2. A doctor – Gaziza
  3.  A citizen of Baikonur –Kumiskul
  4.  A student – Nazerke

I think, our guests are ready to speak. I want you to be attentive and then you’ll be able to ask them your questions and to say your opinions.

Let’ is begin.

(an ecologist)

G.m M name is Yerbol.            I am an  ecologist. My presentation called: “Environmental protection concerns  everyone”…

  1. IV.            Вопросы учеников (журналистов)


1.Do you turn off the light when you leave a room?

2.Do you recycle newspapers?

3.Do you pick up litter you see in the street?

4.Do you use old grocery bags for garbage?

5.Do you use old glass containers?

6.Do you take your own shopping bags to the store?

7.Do you recycle aluminum cans?

8.Have you ever received a recycled gift?

  1.    V.            Подведениеитогов

In conclusion I’d like to tell you that the protection of nature is every body’s business. An outstanding English writer John Galsworthy said: “if you don’t think about the future you will not have it” Let’s think about the future, let’s keep our planet tidy and make it better place to live in. Let’s save the Earth for ourselves and for the generations. At the end of the lesson I want to read the poem “Hug the Earth” by Lorraine Bays.

Walking  along feeling free

Feeling the Earth here with me

And I love her, she loves me.I hug the Earth

The Earth hugs me

She’s our friend.

We’d like to be together forever.

The Earth is a garden

It’s a beautiful place

For all living creatures.

For all the human race

Helping Mother Earth

We can peacefully roam

We all deserve a place

We can call our home

Food is a treasure from the soil and the sea.

Clean fresh air from the plants and the trees

The warmth of the sun giving life each day

Turns water into rain, it’s nature’s way

And I would like to thank you, Mother Earth,

I like to see you dressed in green and blue

I want to be by you

  1. VI.            Домашнее задания

Write down the project about of rare animals and plants of Kazakhstan

  1. VII.            Оценка деятельности учащихся на уроке

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