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The  Plan  of  the  lesson

Theme: Unit 3. Step 2. Have  you  got   a  camera?                                                                  The  aims: —  to  enrich  pupils  knowledge, to   develop  pupils  abilities  in  speaking,  to enrich  their  vocabulary

-to  develop  their  reading,  writing,  listening  skills  and  grammar,  lexical   habits

-to  bring  up  pupils  to  be  attentive,  to  write  neatly  and  correctly, to  foster  their  love  subject

The  type  of  the  lesson:  traditional                                                                                                 The  kind  of  the  lesson: introduction  of  new  lesson                                                                                   The  methods  of  the  lesson: discussion games, dialogue, pair  work                                        The  visual  of  the  lesson: pictures,  placard                                                                                      The  technical  aids: An  interactive  board,  a computer                                                 Literature:  English 5th   English  together, мектептегі шет тілі № 4

                                         The  Outline  of  the  lesson

  1. I.             Organization  moment

a)     Greeting

b)    Asking  about  the  dates,  absents, etc.                                                               II.Checking-  up  the  homework                                                                                             Ex 8  Match  the  colours  with  the  words  and  fill  in  the  boxes  with  letters.  Use  the  picture  above                                                                                                                      III Consolidation  of  the  homework                                                                                      Game:  “Scrambled  words”

      IV.Primary  stage: Presentation  of  the  new  lesson                                                           New  words: a radio [reidiәu]-радио                                                                                a camera [kәеmәrә ]- фотоаппарат                                                                                a bike [baik]-велосипед                                                                                                 a television [ teliviǯәn]- телевизор                                                                                        a walkman[wͻ:kmәn]-касеталы плейер

V.Explanation   of  the  lesson:

                             Grammar: “Have /have  got”                                                                                       “Have  got”   ауызекі  сөйлеу  тілінде  жиірек  қолданылады.                                                    Example:                       Болымды  түрі:                                                                                                          I  have  got  a  camera          We have got a camera                                                              You  have  got a camera        You have got a camera                                                            She has got a camera            They have got a camera                                                               He has got a camera              Asel  has  got a  camera

Болымсыз  түрі:                                                                                                       I  have  not   got  a  camera     We have  not  got a camera                                                 You  have  not got a camera            You have not  got a camera                                                   She has  not  got a camera                They have  not  got a camera                                          He has not  got a camera                  Asel  has  not  got a  camera

Сұраулы  түрі:                                                                                  Have  I  got a  camera?  Yes, I  have  got/  No, I  have   not  got                                          Have you  got  a  camera?  Yes, you   have  got/  No, you  have   not  got                           Has  she  got  a  camera?  Yes, she  has  got/  No, she  has   not  got                                  Has  he  got  a  camera?  Yes, he  has  got/  No, he  has   not  got

Have we got  a camera?  Yes, We  have got/  No, We  have  not got                                Have  you   got  a  camera?  Yes, you  have   got/  No, you  have   not  got                      Have  they  got  a  camera?  Yes, they  have  got/  No, they  have  not  got                               Has  asel  got  a  camera? Yes, Asel  has got/ No, Asel has not got

Ауа  -райы,  тамақ,  демалыс  туралы  айтқанда және а  bath,  a shower, a  wash  сөздерімен   “have  got”  қолданылмайды.

a)Listen  to  the  dialogue  from  the  tape-  recorder                                                  b)Relaxation                                                                                                                               VI. Consolidation  of  the  lesson

a)Pair work..  Act  out  exercise  4  with  your  friend.  Use  the  new  words                     b)“Wisdom tree”

VII.Conclusion  of  the  lesson;                                                                                                  Game: “Domino”

VIII.Giving  the  home task: Ex  10 in  written  form                                                       Giving  of  the  marks:  Good-  excellent!                                                                                         The  lesson  is  over!  Good- bye!

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