Бахитова  Г.  М.                                                                                                                               №85 орта  мектебі                                                                                                                     Төретам кенті, Қармақшы  ауданы,  Қызылорда  облысы

                                 The  Plan  of  the  lesson

Theme: Unit 3. Step 3. Trains                                                                                                 The  aims: —  to  give  some  information  about  trains  and  to  teach  the  pupils     knowledge

-to  develop  pupils’  skills  in  oral  speech  and  to  develop  their  reading, understanding.

-to  bring  up   pupils  to  be  attentive,  to  write  neatly  and  correctly, to  foster  their  love  subject  and  the  culture  of  communication  and  the  need  in  practical  use  of  languages

The  type  of  the  lesson:  traditional                                                                                                 The  kind  of  the  lesson: mixed                                                                                   The  methods  of  the  lesson: answer  and  question,  games, pair  work                                        The  visual  of  the  lesson: pictures,  placard                                                                                      The  technical  aids: an  interactive  board,  a computer                                                 Literature:  English 9th   English  together, мектептегі шет тілі № 4/2009, 6/2010

                                         The  Outline  of  the  lesson

  1. I.             Organization  moment

a)     Greeting

b)   Asking  about  the  dates,  absents, etc.                                                               II.Checking-  up  the  homework                                                                                                                  Exercise  8  Answer  the  questions

   III. Consolidation  of  the  homework                                                                         “Wisdom tree”


      IV.Primary  stage: Presentation  of  the  new  lesson                                                           New  words: train [trein]-радио                                                                                enjoyable [in’dӡͻiәbl]- сүйкімді, ұнамды                                                                             orient  [ͻ:rient]-шығыс                                                                                              brilliant  [ ‘briljәnt]- жарқыраған, тамаша                                                                                        railway  line [reilwei]-темір жол                                                                               route[ru:t ]-бағдар                                                                                                        luxurious [l^g’zjuәriәs]- сәнді,  салтанатты, әдемі                                                   carriages [‘kæridӡ]- жеңіл арба, вагон                                                                                furnish [‘fә:niʃ]-жабдықтау, жиһазбен жабдықтау                                                                                           advance [әd’va:ns]-жылжу

V.Consolidation   of  the  lesson:  

Exercise 1 Choose  one  kind  of  transport and  complete  the  table.  Which  statements  are  true  for  the  transport  you’ve  chosen?

Write (+) or (-)

           Transport   …………              +             —
  1. They  are  comfortable
  2. They  usually  come  in  time
    1. They  are  expensive
    2. They  are  often  crowded
    3. You  have  to  wait  long
    4. They  are  quick
    5. It’s  an  enjoyable  way  to  travel
    6. It’s  a  safe  way  to  travel


Example:  Travelling  by  taxi   is  comfortable  but  expensive   

b)     Complete  the  chart  of  opposite  pairs. Draw  a  table  of  this  kind  in  your   notebook. Which  of  these  adjectives  describe  the  public  transport  in  your  city, village?

 comfortable uncomfortable
cheap expensive
quick slow
safe dangerous
busy crowded
clean dirty


Exercise 2. Listen  and  translate  to  the  texts   from  the  tape-  recorder                                                  a) “Find  words   in  the  for”                                                                                                                                 1. people  who  are  occupied  in  politics  (politicians)                                                                                    2. a person  who  speaks  for his  country (ambassador/  or  consul)      (a diplomat)                                                                                               3. people  who  work  in  business   (businessmen)                                                                                           4. people  who  build       (builders)                                                                                                               5. people  who  write  for  TV  and  newspapers    ( journalists)                                                                                                                                               6. king’s  family  (royal  families)

b)Puzzles                                                                                                                                Work  with  the  new  words

VI. Explanation  of  the  lesson

    Exercise  5.  These  are  the  answers.  Make  questions

  1. … members  of  European  Royal  Families
  2. … because  travelling  by  air  became  cheaper
  3. …  France, Germany  and  Britain
  4. … The  top  speed  of  TGV  is  200,  ART  is  160, Trans rapid  is  250


  1. Who  were  among  the  travelers  of  the  train’s  first  journey?
  2. Why  did  the  Orient  Express  have  to  stop?
  3. Which  three  countries  have  high-  speed  trains?
  4. What’s  the  top  speed  of  modern  trains?

VII.Conclusion  of  the  lesson;                                                                                                    Game:  “Scrambled  sentences”

Brilliant                          restaurant                  company                                                                                      Express                          journalist                   politician                                                                          Technology                   maximum                  diplomat

VIII.Giving  the  home task: Exercise  6   in  written  form                                                          Giving   the  marks:  Good-  excellent!

The  lesson  is  over!  Good- bye!

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