School canteen

Сарина Сәуле Рзақызы
Ақтөбе облысы, Шалқар ауданы.
Ә.Жангелдин атындағы орта мектептің
 ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі

Grade : 7 «B»
The theme of the lesson:School canteen
The objectives of the lesson:
a) To give some information about school canteen
b) Pupils will be able to use the new words, to answer the questions, to work with the computer, to work with cards, mark a mark the foods which are in text ,to work with the active studio, to make up the dialogue, to work with the magician, to complete the diagram,to say about Independence day  of Kazakhstan the pupils can improve their skills in writing, reading, speaking, listening.

c) To educate pupils to respect our Motherland, to be intelligent person.

The type of the lesson: Жаңа ұғымды меңгерту
The variety of the lesson:Ізденіс
The method of the lesson:Эвристикалық
Language materials: Слайд-шоу, электронды оқулық (диалог), жеке оқушыларға карточка
Пәнаралық байланыс: математика ,биология ,медицина, қазақ тілі, психология,әдебиет

The procedure of the lesson

I.Organization of the lesson.

II. To check the h/t:

Ш Warming up:

The1-st slaid

Mind the clock

And keep the rule

Try to come

In time to school!

IV. The presentation of the lesson:

The 2-nd slaid

Answer the questions

What kind of kazakh traditional food do you know?

The 3 rd slaid


What kind of rooms do you know?

Do you have a canteen at school?

What do you do in the school canteen?

The 4th slaid

V. The new theme:  “School canteen

The 5th slaid

School canteen [sku:l kæn`ti:n  ]-мектеп асханасы

Lunch [ l^ntς ]-жеңіл ас

Choose [ t ςu:z ]- таңдау

Ex 2,p 71


The 6th slaid

Is there food very healthy?

Is there any chips?

Do children eat pork?

Do children eat vegetables?

The 7th slaid


The 8th slaid

Active studio



The 9th slaid

I am a magician.

I have a magic stick .

I want to talk by phone with you .

And do you want to talk with me?

The 10th slaid

To make up the dialogue.




Fine,thanks and you?


The 11th slaid

I am standing at the school canteen.

VII. Production

The 12th slaid


The 13th slaid


The 14th slaid

The independence of Kazakhstan, which this year will celebrate 20years — the major achievement of the multinational people of the country

. Independence plus the unity of the multinational people of Kazakhstan is a guarantee of its future prosperity and success.

Биыл тойлайтын Қазақстан тәуелсiздiгiнің 20 жылдығы — елдiң көп ұлттық адамдарының бас табысы

Көп ұлттық Қазақстан адамдарының тәуелсiздiк  бiрлiгi- оның келешек өркендеуi және жетiстiктiң кепiлдiгi.

We should respect our Motherland

VIII. Explanning the h/t:

IX. Evaluating the pupils answers

Today we will have unusual lesson. You like to dream? Let’s dream of London. Close please eyes, all of us in London. Open please eyes. Of what you dreamed? We shall lead(carry out) excursion on London on дабл деке. Here there are a lot of interesting places. On each place there will be interpreters and they will set to you the tasks. If you execute the tasks they will tell about this place. They want to check up your knowledge. If you execute the task that will see the secret word. All interpreters were going in park. They speak: « What clever, sharp children! Thanks for all answers, you have consulted(coped) very well!) » And now we in a class. It is good to dream? How you think to dream to the man it is useful? If you will study English language well, will go to London.



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