The leader of the XXI Century

 The first president of the USA.
Famous Americans – 2
The famous American writer who wrote “Romeo and Juliet”.
Famous Americans– 30
On the third Monday in February Americans celebrate Presidents Day. Two American presidents are honored on this holiday.
Who are they?History– 10
Kazakhstan was established as the republic of Kazakhstan in …
History– 20
When was Akmola renamed  Astana?
Almaty was the Capital of our country until ..
Great Days– 10
This holiday honors our mothers,grandmothers, women in the world.
Great Days– 20
The Kazakhs celebrate this holiday
on March. People pay each other Visits, forgive wrongs and cancel debts
Great Days– 30
When is Halloween celebrated?
The places to visit – 10
Where is Disneyland?
The places to visit– 20
In what US city the Statue of Liberty?
The places to visit– 30
A mountain on the boarder

of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

where they boarder with China


IV round

There are some questions to a 30 seconds. The task is to answer the question as quickly as possible . Each correct answer is equal to 1 point.


The first student

  1. Where is Disneyland? ( In California)
  2. Which month is the day of independence in Kazakhstan?  (December )
  3. The first Capital of our Republic.
  4. What is the official language of Kazakhstan?  ( Kazakh )
  5. The head of Great Britain?  ( The Queen )
  6. What is the national symbol of Kazakhstan?  ( golden man )
  7. How many rooms are there in the White House?  (132 )
    The second student
  1. The head of Kazakhstan is … ( president )
  2. What is the official language of the USA? ( English )
  3. The president of the USA?  (Barak Obama )
  4. Kazakhstan is situated in… ( Central Asia )
  5. Who was the first president of the USA?  ( Washington )
  6. Ahmet Yassaui Mausoleum is in … (Turkestan )
  7. Which month Nauryz is celebrated in Kazakhstan?  ( March )


The third student

  1. The Kazakh traditional food is … ( beshbarmak )
  2. How many states  does the USA consists of?   ( 50 )
  3. What colour is our flag? (blue )
  4. What is the official language of China? ( Chinese )
  5. The national emblem of England is … (rose )
  6. Is Washington  D.C  a state?  (No)
  7. What is American`s national sport?  ( Baseball )


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