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Snow White and the seven dwarfs           (after the Brothers  Grimm)

Characters :  Narrator


Snow White

Magic  Mirror


Seven Dwarfs


Narrator:   Once upon  a time there live a Queen. A little daughter was born to her.  She was named Snow White. The Princess had skin as white as snow, lips as red  as rose. Soon the good Queen died. The King married again. The new Queen was very beautiful,  but cruel and selfish. She spent much time looking in her Magic Mirror.


Scene 1


Setting :  A room in the palace.



Magic Mirror in my hand,

Who’s the fairest in the land?

Magic Mirror:

You, who hold me in your hand,

You are the fairest in the land?

Narrator: The Queen was pleased for she knew that the Magic Mirror always spoke the truth.

As Snow White grew up she became prettier and prettier. And one day….



Magic Mirror in my hand,

Who’s the fairest in the land?

Magic Mirror:                                                                                                            

You, who hold me in your hand,

You are the fairest in the land?

But, today, I tell you true.

Snow White is more fair than you!

Narrator: So angry was the  Queen when she heard the envy. She sent for one of the huntsman who lived near the forest.

Queen (to the Huntsman): Take  the child away. Let me never see her again. When you reach the forest,

Kill her and bring me her heart.

Huntsman: Yes, your Majesty!

Queen: Here is a bag of gold for you. (Throws it to him)

Scene 2

Setting : In the forest .


Narrator: The Huntsman rode away. He took little Snow White deep into the forest and drew out his knife.

Snow White : Oh, dear Huntsman, spare my life! I will run deep into the forest and never come home again.

Huntsman: Well, run away then, poor child. I’ll not hurt you. I cannot do such a cruel thing. I will trick the wicked Queen by giving to her the heart of some wild animal that I will kill.

Narrator: and he did this , but he had to leave poor little Snow White all alone, in the dark forest. She was so frightened and did not know which way to go. She run and run and became very tired. Suddenly she saw in front of her a little house.

Scene 3

Setting : In the little house.

Snow White:  I’ll go inside. (She pushes open the door.) Why, how small it looks! And how neat, clean and tidy. How many different little things there are here. One, two…seven little beds, seven plates, cups, knives and forks on the table. I’m so hungry and thirsty. (She eats a bit of bread and a little porridge out of each plate, and drinks a drop or two of milk out of each cup.) I’m so sleepy! (She tries each of the beds in turn. At last Snow White find the most comfortable bed and falls fast asleep. )

Narrator: When it was quite dark, the owners of the cottage came home. They where seven little dwarfs, who dug and searched for gold in the mountains. They entered the room and saw that somebody had been in their cottage, for  things were in disorder.

The First Dwarf: Who has been sitting on my stool?

The Second Dwarf: Who has been eating off my plate?

The Third Dwarf: Who has been nibbling at my bread?

The Fourth Dwarf: Who has been at my porridge?

The Firth Dwarf: Who has been using  my fork?

The Sixth Dwarf: Who has been cutting with my knife?

The Seventh Dwarf: Who has been drinking out of my cup?

The First Dwarf:  Who has been lying on my bed?

All the Dwarf (together): Some one has been lying on my bed.

(The Seventh Dwarf sees Snow White who is sleeping in his bed. He calls his companions  to come and look. )what a beautiful child she is!

(Snow White awakes. She is quite frightened when she sees the seven Little men, but they are very friendly )

The First Dwarf : Dear girl, what is your name? Tell us why you have come to our house.

Snow White: I’m the  Princess, the King’s daughter. My name is Snow White. My mother died, and my stepmother  wanted to kill me. I can’t go home. May I stay with you dear friends?

First Dwarf: If you stay with us , will you look after us? Will you cook, make the beds? And we shall take good care of you.

Snow White : Yes, with all my heart.

Seventh Dwarfs: Don’t open the door. Your stepmother come home again.

Narrator: And Snow White stayed with the seven little dwarfs and keep their house tidy. Snow White had the neat and clean and their supper ready. As Snow White  was left alone all day long, when they were going to work the good dwarfs warned her about stepmother.

Scene 4

Setting as in Scene I.

Queen :

Magic Mirror in my hand,

Who’s the fairest in the land?

Magic Mirror:                                                                                                            

You, who hold me in your hand,

You are the fairest in the land?

But, today, I tell you true.

Snow White is more fair than you!

Amid the forest , darkly green,

She lives with dwarfs- the hills between.

Narrator: The reply greatly astonished the Queen, but she knew that the Magic Mirror always spoke the truth. She went into an inner secret room and there she made a poisoned apple. the Queen dressed up as an old peasant woman and hurried off the cottage where Snow white lived.

Scene 5


(The Queen knocks at the door of the cottage)

Snow White (looking out of the window): who is there? Old lady, I can’t open the door.

Queen : I want to give you an apple, don’t afraid. You will eat the red cheek, I will eat the yellow.

Narrator: Only the red cheek was poisoned. Snow White stretched out her hand and took is poisoned part

(Snow white takes a bite of the apple and falls down as if dead upon the floor)

Queen:  Yellow as snow, red as Wood, black as ebony! The dwarfs never make up you.

Scene 6

Setting: (The seven dwarfs come home late in the evening. They see Snow White lying on the floor. )

The Fifth  Dwarfs: The stepmother has done this. She is dead.

The Sixth Dwarfs: but her cheeks are so rosy and she is not dead.

Narrator:  For a long , long time Snow White lay peacefully in the grass case and did not change, but looked as she were sleep. The seven dwarfs mounted guard over the grass case until  one day a King’s son came riding by.

Prince: (addressing the Fourth Dwarfs who  was on guard that day ): Who is this beautiful  girl?

The sixth dwarfs: She is a daughter of the King. Her name is Snow White. Her stepmother killed her. And who are you , noble man?

Prince:  I am a Prince and my country is not far from here. May I look at King’s daughter?

Seventh Dwarfs: How happy you are live , dear Snow White.

Snow White :  I don’t want to left you. I promise , I promise. I’ll never forget you, dear dwarfs. (The Prince and Snow White ride away )

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