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Kulbabayeva Saule

Unit 2 Exercise and Sport School №103
Teacher’s name: Kulbabayeva Saule
Date: 17.10.2023
Grade 9v Number present: 15 absent:-
LESSON topic Amazing stadiums
Learning objectives that this lesson is contributing to understand the main points in unsupported extended talk on a wide range of general and curricular topics; understand specific information and detail in texts on a range of familiar general and curricular topics, including some extended texts; use present continuous forms and past continuous, including a growing variety of passive forms, on a range of familiar general and curricular topics

Lesson objectives learn new vocabulary related to the topic;
identify the general idea of the text and focus on the details

create own sentences according to the newlexics.

Steps of the lesson

Planned timings Teacher’s activity Student`s activity Assessment Excel Resources
Beginning the lesson (5minutes)


The middle

of the lesson








The end of the lesson.(2 minutes)

Greeting. Teacher greets students. Ask about date,weather. Divide students in two groups : Wembley Stadium and Astana Arena.

Warming up.

Teacher showsthe pictures of the stadiums to the Students, they must guess lesson’s theme quickly. Brainstorming

-What is place it?

-Have you been there?

-What games can you play there?

-What do you know about it ?

Checking homework


WB.Ex1pg16 : Read the text and mark the following statements as True,False or doesn’t say.

DESCRIPTOR: read and answer the questions correctly.

New words

Teacher introduces and repeat new words.

Demolish-жойып жіберу


Host-қабылдау ,қарсы алу









Task 1.Group work
Teacher give some minutes for doing ex-2 p25.Students skimming the text, then watch the video and complete the sentences with a word or phrase . Teacher gives one example.
Example: 1/was

Descriptor : read the text, complete the sentences correctly.

Task 2 Peer work.

Teacher gives worksheet for Students with task. Students read the sentences and match the words to their meaning.

Match the words in bold in the texts to their meaning.

Example: spectator- a person who watches game or match.

Descriptor : read the sentences, match the words correctly.

Differentiation: if some St has some problem ,they can look at the vocabulary list.

(Teacher shows the right answers for self-checking)

Let’s play the game «Who is faster?»

Teacher ask simple questions to teams,

what team is answered right, become

the winner.

1)Popular sport in Brazil is…

2)Place for playing football is…

3)Astana Arena is in…

4)The name of Brazil player is…

5)Stadium «Kazhymukhan» is in …

6)Football is played with…

7)Wembley stadium is in….

Task 3. Individual work

Fill in:hosted ,demolished,stadium ,spectators,located

1.We’ve got tickets to watch the final match at the national stadium!

2.The old spots center was demolished in 2017 and they are building a new one.

3.Our local swimming pool is located in Plemer Park.

4.There were over 80.000 spectators at the game on Saturday.

5.My city hosted the Winter Olympics.

Descriptor :1) make up sentences correctly.

If Student has some problem, he/she can ask help to the classmates.

Refreshment moment.

Task 4.Group work. Complete the Venn’s diagram.

Teacher gives poster with diagram. Students must complete it with true details.

Descriptor :1)explain own answer according to the text correctly.2) know the details of the text.

Play the game

Write words that begin with these


Astana stadium-A,N,D

Wembley stadium-W,B,K

Check your progress, try to say:

What have you known?
What were you interested in?

Homework : write topic about Stadium in our city .

Teacher gives feedback for Students.

Students greet teacher .

Sit to own group.

Students listen the questions and answer to them.

Answering the questions, Students have beeninterested in the lesson.

Students read other’s group questions and answer to them

Students read and repeat the new words and write in notebooks.

Students skimming the text ,paying attention to the missing words. Watching the video Students pay attention to the main details and remember them.

St-s read the sentences and match the words to their meaning.

(This task helps Students improve their vocabulary knowledge)

Teams answer by raising their hands.

Students write the words ,using new words of the lesson. It helps to improve St’s critical thinking.

During refreshments,

Students sing and dance.

Students complete the diagram with differences and same of the stadiums: Wembley and Astana Arena.

Students find words that start with a capital letter.

Students count their points the balls and get medals : gold, silver and bronze .

Students say own opinion to the lesson :

I have known…

I was interested in…..

Formative .


For right answer Students get picture of ball .

At the end of the lesson Students count own balls.

Keys:1)was 2)which3)by.4)of. 5)using 6)buy

Self-checking keys

demolish- pull or knock down a buildingmeasure— estimate or assess the quality

spectator- a person who watches game or match

sliding — able to move smoothly along a surface

host –a person who receivesor entertains other people as guests.


1) Football. 2)stadium


4)Ronaldo. 5)Shymkent.








Assessment time


Slide with new words



Student’s book.



Vocabulary list





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