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Theme of the lesson: My family and friends

Ақтөбе облысы Хромтау қаласы №1 Хромтау орта мектебі

Ағылшын тілі мұғаліміАбдулина Назгуль Бактыгалиевна

Long-term plan unit:

Unit 1. All about me

School: № 1
Date: 03.10.2019
Grade:1 Numberpresent: absent:
Theme of the lesson: My family and friends
Learning objectives that this lesson is contributing to 2.L3 understand the main points of short, slow and carefully articulated talk on routine familiar topics features such as coloring and number

2.R1 read and spell out words for others

2.W2 write letters and familiar high frequency words when read aloud or slept

Lesson objectives Learners will be able to:

  • Answer to the questions
  • Work with picture and circle the answer
  • Work with vocabulary
Assessment criteria Learners have met the learning objective if they can:

  • Learners will be learn new words about family
  • They will be describing their family members
  • They will be working in a group with classmates
  • They will be sing a song “My family”
Value links Lifelong learning
Cross — curricular links Review
ICT skills Audio recorders
Previous learning Review tasks
Planned timings Planned activities

5 mins

Teacher greets students; students respond to greeting and take their places.

Warming up

Teacher asks students “How are you?” to find out their mood at the beginning of the lesson; students choose one of the smiles they see on the slide and answer the question

— Teacher introduces lesson objectives to the students.

(Teacher should introduce)



Introduction the new word

  • Now children, look at the blackboard. Today we have a new words.
  • Let’s repeat after me these new words…
  • Read these new words…. Who wants?


  • Look at the page 18. Task 1. Complete and then say.
  1. Grandpa. 2. Sister. 3.Grandma. 4. Mummy. 5. Daddy. 6. Me.


Task 3. Listen and read.

Task 4. Listen and tick the words.

Hello, Mummy! Hello, Daddy! Hallo, Nanny!

Task 3. Sing the “My Family song” song .

Come and meet my family,

Come and meet my family,

Mummy, Daddy, Lily and me

Come and meet my family

Come and meet my family

Come and meet my family

Grandma, Grandpa, Liam and me,

Come and meet my family


Ask students to look at lesson objectives they set at the beginning of the lesson and think and say what they did well in the lesson and what needs improvement.

Our lesson is over… Good bye!

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