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Lesson plan

Date: Teacher name: Saule
CLASS: 5 Number present: absent:
Lesson title Music
Learning objectives(s) 5.L3 understand an increasing range of unsupported basic questions on general and curricular topics

5.S2 ask simple questions to get information about a limited range of general topics

5.S1 provide basic information about themselves and others at sentence level on an increasing range of general topics

Lesson objectives All learners will be able to:

-make up and answer to 5 questions with support at word and sentence level about music during questionnaire

— present the result of questionnaire with short sentences about music with support

Most learners will be able to:

-make up and answer to 5 questions with some support at sentence level about music during questionnaire

— present the result of questionnaire about music at sentence level with some support

Some learners will be able to:

-make up and answer to 5 questions at sentence level and prove their point of view about music during questionnaire

— present the result of questionnaire about music at sentence level with reasoning

Assessment criteria
  • Make up simple questions about the topic
  • Answer to questions on given topic
  • Give basic information about others on the topic
Values links The strategy “Mangilik Yel”: Labour, creativity and cooperation
Cross-curricular links History and Art
Previous learning
ICT skills Using whiteboard , laptops
Planned timings Planned activities Resources

5 minutes

1. Greeting & org. moment

— What did we learn at previous lesson?

Teacher introduces pupils with the theme, learning objectives and assessment criteria.

Divide into groups ‘Violin’ and “Piano”.

Find out your piece of picture

Let’s watch a video and you will understand the theme of our lesson.

Strategy “ Numbers speak”

  1. What did you understand from this video?
  2. Is music necessary in our life?
  3. Do you remember kinds of music and musical instruments?

Differentiation question for more able student:

  1. Do you think that music can change your lives? Why ?
Pieces of papers

5 minutes

10 minutes


2 minutes

Running words.

Groups run to the board and write names of musical instruments.

For example:


— dombyra


-piano, etc.

When time is out teacher counts the result and says which group is winner.

Introduction of vocabulary: teacher presents vocabulary. Pupils listen to the music which might be produced by those instruments.


Pop music

Classical music






Teacher asks from each pupil which music is favorite ones.


Groups make up questions to define which music is the best one. (G)

For example:

  1. Do you like listening to music?
  2. Why?
  3. Which music do you like listening when you are upset?
  4. Which music do you listen when you clean the house?
  5. What kind of music does your sister like?

  1. Question 1.

Answer 1.

  1. Question 2.

Answer 2.

  1. Question 3.

Answer 3.

  1. Question 4.

Answer 4.

  1. Question 5.

Answer 5.

Each pupil finds the partner from opposite group (teacher gives numbers to define partners) (P).

Groups discuss the results and present them.

Sentence connectors:

Firstly, secondly, in addition, to sum up, then, also.

Example of presentation:

Aigul likes listening to pop music. Firstly, because pop music rice her mood, secondly the context of the song is understandable. In addition, Murat and Arai love listen to the same music. …..


  1. Each group member must take part during the group work.
  2. Use given sentence starters/ linking words.
  3. Organize and present information clearly.


  1. Make up questions
  2. Answer to the questions
  3. Use given connectors
  4. Present the result
  5. Give clear sentences

Sheets for questionnaire.


5 minutes

Self –assessment.

  1. Make up correct 3 questions
  1. Give clear answer to questions (at sentence level)
  1. Logically organize and clearly present the result
Additional information
Differentiation – how do you plan to give more support? How do you plan to challenge the more able learners? Assessment – how are you planning to check learners’ learning? Health and safety check
Differentiation by task. Questionnaire

Students make up and answer questions based on their own level.

Differentiation by support: give thinking time for weak pupils to answering questions, give sentence starters (for example: I like… I prefer…. My favorite music is …..) and vocabulary.

Teacher controls making up correct questions.

Teacher observes and involves all pupils into the lesson (making up and answering questions).

During the lesson teacher organizes moving activities.
Summary evaluation

What two things went really well (consider both teaching and learning)?

What two things would have improved the lesson (consider both teaching and learning)?

What have I learned from this lesson about the class or individuals that will inform my next lesson?

Give the homework

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