Lesson plan of the teacher of English Utegenova Meiramgul “ Lesson 11 (II)”, conducted in the 5th grade

Lesson plan of the teacher of English Utegenova Meiramgul “ Lesson 11 (II)”, conducted in the 5th grade


The theme of the lesson: Lesson 11
The aims and objectives of the lesson: a) educational to teach the usages of new words;
b) developing to develop speaking, reading skills and memorizing abilities;
c) cultural to teach to be able to tell a time.
The type of the lesson: mixed lesson
The kind of the lesson: Developing the skills and habits
The methods of the lesson: reading, translating, searching, speaking
Visual aids of the lesson: Clocks, pictures, poem, proverb
Interdisciplinary relation: Kazakh and Russian language
The procedure of the lesson:

Teacher’s activity

Student’s activity

І. Organization moment  -greeting;- checking up the attendance of the learners;

— to pay students’ attention to the lesson


—          greeting;-          responsibility of duty;

—          be prepared for the lesson


ІІ. Checking up the homework Ex. 17 on page 75 

Teacher checks the home task orally and checks everyone’s copybook


Pupils read the sentences in chain orally
III. Explaining new material b) tasks for the development of  cognitive abilities  

Teacher gives exercises to do and explains the task.


Teacher asks questions.


If pupils make mistakes teacher will correct.



Ex.6: Look at the pictures and say what time it is.

Ex.7: Learn how to read the new words and sentences; first read them to yourself, then aloud as quickly as you can: half, past, desk, classroom, lesson,, timetable, Maths, Art, Music, study.

Ex.8: Look at the pictures and say: a) what they usually do at the time and b) what they are doing now.

Ex.9: Enjoy your English and sing the song “We Met On Sunday”.

Ex.10: Now you know the whole song. Answer the following questions:

a) When did they meet?

b) What did they do on Sunday?

Ex.11: Read the proverb and give the Russian equivalent. Then learn the proverb:

It’s never too late to learn.

IV. Consolidation of the new lesson Repeat the usage of prepositions of time.  Pupils translate the words said by the teacher
V. Homework Ex.18 on page 79. 

Teacher explains the task of the homework


If pupils don’t understand the task of the home task they will ask questions.
VІ. Evaluation Teacher puts to … excellentto … good and

to … satisfactory marks.


Pupils bring their diaries to put marks.
VII. The end of the lesson — The lesson is over, good bye!- You may go.


—  Good bye, teacher! 

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