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Theme of the Lesson: “Kyz –Zhibek”

Unit 7. My Country.
A folktale “Kyz-Zhibek”
School: Karasai Secondary School №21
Date: 13/03/2019 year Teacher’s name: Bekbotaeva Saltanat Yelemesovna
Class: 6 A Number present: 14 absent:0
Theme of the Lesson: “Kyz –Zhibek”
Learning objective(s) that this lesson is contributing to 6.C4 evaluate and respond constructively to feedback from others

6.C7 develop and sustain a consistent argument when speaking or writing

6.S5 keep interaction going in basic exchanges on a growing range of general and cultural topics

6.R1 understand the main points in a limited range of short simple texts on general and curricular topics

Lesson objectives
  • To read the story for detailed information
  • To identify details of a text, including setting
  • To formulate a basic summary of the story
Assessment criteria
  • A learner can read and understand the details of the story
  • A learner can summarize the story
Value links Respect, Lifelong learning and academic honesty
Cross curricular links History, Kazakh Literature.
Use of ICT Projector or Smart board for presenting a video and presentation.
Previous learning Speaking and writing the main events
Health and Safety Make sure power cords/ outlets are not a tripping hazard.
Everyday classroom precautions. Use of Classroom rules
Planned timings Planned activities Resources

1-2 min


1-3 min

1-2 min

1-2 min

Organizational moment

Teacher greets learners.

Creating a collaborative environment: «Wish Fingers»

Children get up in pairs and say good wishes to each other, and at the end clap their palms. Thereby they are tuned to a positive atmosphere.

Warm –up

Then the children sit on their seats.

the teacher offers to watch an excerpt from the film.

Teacher includes a video, the learners are watching the trailer.

Demonstration of an excerpt from the film «Kyz Zhibek»

1. Guys, what do you think this movie is?

2. Who is the main character?

3. What do you think this story is about?

This is a love story!

— Right! This story is about two lovers

Right guys! Today, the topic of our lesson is «Kyz-Zhibek»

Teacher tells learners objectives of the lesson

The purpose of our lesson is to learn to understand what and about whom it is said in a folk tale. And be able to briefly retell it

Dividing into 2 groups
Listeners approach the teacher and choose a flower. Under each flower there is a drawing of a girl-Kyz-Zhibek and a drawing of a boy-Tolegen.

Children from the drawings determine who in which group will work. Take their seats.


Video “Kyz-Zhibek”

Slide 1

Saucer: candy with a picture of a girl an a boy


1-2 min

2-3 min


5-7 min

1-3 min

5 min

Re-listening to audio text.

Now let’s listen carefully to the Kyz-Zhibek audio text.

Vocabulary work

-And now let’s study and write with you difficult and new words for you.

Teacher presents the new words, learners look at the interactive wwhiteboard and guess the meaning of words. Ask them try to remember as they are going to read a folktale and these words relate to the topic.

Teacher read out new words. Guys all repeat together, then the teacher interviews individually.

Listening to audio text

The teacher again invites the children to listen to the audio text.

Group WorkThe teacher hands out the chamomile design and the chart poster.

Application of methods:

The first group is Bloom’s Chamomile .

Descriptor: Learners read questions.
Answer the questions.

The second group is the Venn’s Diagram.
Descriptor: Learners compare two character. Find similarities and differences between them.

Protecting the project.

Each group works according to its tasks. After completing the tasks, the children go to the blackboard and protect their work.
Formative assessment «Two stars — one wish»

Funny Physical Training

Musical pause./Musical moment

In the middle of the class there are two students. They play a beautiful kui on a dombra. Children relax.

Writing work. The teacher gives the children a card.

Descriptor: Finish sentences using reference words.

The children in the pair will have to perform this task on the card.

Mutual appreciation

Group work

Descriptor: Make up 3 sentences from the group. Using words to feel, look, smell, sound, taste

Feedback: One student assesses another group.

Track 2.30.

Audio “Kyz –Zhibek”

Slide 2

Track 2.30
Audio “Kyz –Zhibek”

Slide 3

Worksheets for two groups

Slide 4

Music- relaxing kazakh dombra kui

Slide 5


Slide 6

Sheets of paper


2-3 min

Reflection: — Guys, what story have we studied with you?

-Where did this story happen?

-In Kazakhstan!


-Look at our Kok Zhailau.

What a beautiful steppe we have. Let’s now each of you come out and write your wishes.

-Guys, take a look! What a steppe we have become! She blossomed with beautiful tulips.

Homework: You can write another folktale. Include the setting, the main characters and the main plot points.


Lesson summary:

Did you like the lesson?

-What has been learned?

-Thanks for attention! The lesson is over. You may be free! Goodbye!

Poster “Kok-Zhailau”

Stickers the image of the tulips

DIFFERENTIATION – how do you plan to give more support? How do you plan to challenge the more able learners? ASSESSMENT – how are you planning to check learners’ learning? Health and safety rules
More-able learners can be paired up with less-able ones and help them comprehend the story.

Teacher can also provide less-able learners with dictionaries to support them.

Teacher monitors learners when participating in discussion and during pair work and makes records to provide constructive feedback

Assessment criteria:

-tells the details of the story

— covers the main events of the story

Short physical exercises between the activities
Summary evaluation
What two things went really well (consider both teaching and learning)?

What two things would have improved the lesson (consider both teaching and learning)?



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