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If I were…

Nature protection it is correct using of natural land and water resources. If in my future I were a man that protect our nature, I will tell all people of our world «Try to save our nature» , because it is our life and we, and our children will live in this world. And I will try to show in myself how protect and help our nature.

Our Republic is full of natural resources and we must to save them for future generation. It is important for our country correct use of these resources. So in future I want to create new types of the plants that they could survive in heavy conditions. The territory of North Kazakhstan is charged by erosions. I will invent biological way of peeling remainder of water.

To protect nature – to insure nature this debt of each person. And big and small always must respect and take care of nature. All of us know on how much it is important nature for us.

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Мустапина Аяжан

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