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Youth is a driving force behind the modernization of public consciousness

Since gaining independence for more than 25 years. The truth is in the case where the citizen of the flame generation it in the region has reached the halge content. There fore, the main source of this article is the prevention of young people, the disclosure of their source, moving forward.

For young people important words such as “competition”, “education”, “science”, “integrity”, “national code”. After all, education is a time when education is outdated. The future of digital Kazakhstan is in the hands of the younger generation. After all, if the generation of the XXI century is not included in the digital world, it does not immediately come to the taste of the Soviet generation. Mastering the main requirement. On the other hand, to work on any sphere.

Almost all the tasks set in the article should be performed for young people. Learning a language, being able, slowly for the country. Earlier in the “future of Kazakhstan – in the hands of young people”, and the word has not lost influence. And even this is a wise word that will continue from generation to generation.

An important role is played by the coming of young people to power, their literacy and every task in the management of the country. In order not to get into trouble, every citizen of Kazakhstan should work on the basis of the tasks specified in this article.

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Мустапина Аружан

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