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Illness and treatment

Тақырыбы: Illnesses and their treatment.
Мақсаттары: 1. Білімділік:
а) тыңдап түсіну дағдыларын қалыптастыру
б) тақырыпты пысықтау
2. Дамытушылық : дағдылары мен қабілеттерін дамыту.
а) тыңдау
б) сөйлеу
3. Тәрбиелік: өз денсаулығын сақтау, дұрыс тамақтанудың маңыздылығы мен қажеттілігі.
Сабақ түрі: қайталау-пысықтау
Технология: дебат
Құралдар: компьютер, лингафон құралдары, электронды оқулық.
Сабақ жоспары:
1. Ұйымдастыру бөлімі.
2. Сергіту сәті.
3. Миға шабуыл.
4. Мәтінді тыңдап, түсіну.
5. Мәтінді орындау.
6. Командалармен танысу.
7. Рефлексия.
Сабақтың барысы:
1. Ұйымдастыру бөлімі.
Амандасу, сабақтың мақсатымен таныстыру.
2. Сергіту сәті.
t- temperature
r- refuse
e- epidemic
a- ache
t- tremble
m- medicine
e- epidemic
n- naked
t- tremble

3. Тақырып бойынша лексиканы қайталау мақсатындағы миға шабуыл:
1. бас ауру – to have a headache
2. дене қызуын өлшеу – to take one’s temperature
3. қызуды түсіру – to bring down the fever
4. жақсы жағдайда болу – to be in good condition
5. кереуіттің төмен жағы – at the foot of the bed
6. ояу болу – to stay awake
7. біреуге оқып беру — to read to oneself

4. Мәтінді тыңдап, түсіну. “How to Be a Doctor”
The business of a modern doctor is very simple, and can learn to be a doctor in about two weeks. This is how it is done.
The patient enters the doctor’s consulting room. “Doctor”, he says, “I have a bad pain”. “Where is it ?” asks the doctor. “Here”, says the patient. “Strip to the waist”, says the doctor. “Stand up and put your arms up above your head”.
Then he goes behind the patient and him a powerful blow in the under the heart.
“Can you feel that ?” he says, as the patient falls down on the sofa. “Get up”, says the doctor and counts ten. The patient rises.
The doctor walks up to the window and reads the morning paper for a while. Then he diagnoses the case: he mutters some Latin nonsense, more to himself than to the patient.
“Oh….. what must I do, doctor? ” says the patient, greatly frightened. “Well,” says the doctor, “I want you to keep very quiet: just go to bed and stay there and keep quiets”.
In reality, of course, the doctor hasn’t the least idea what is the matter with the man, but he does know that if the patient goes to bed and keeps quiet, he will either recover, or die a quiet death.
5. Мәтіннің мазмұнының түсінігін анықтау. Is it true or false?
a) The business of a modern doctor is very difficult (false)
b) The patient has a headache (false)
c) The doctor gave him a prescription ( false)
d) The doctor read morning paper.
e) The doctor said “You must go to bed and stay there” (true)
f) He is the best doctor. (false)
6. Командалармен танысу.
А. Бірінші команданың спикері.
Good morning dear guests! I’m Laura. I’m for the healthy way of life. What can we say about healthy life? Nowadays many people suffer from smoking, drinking alchogol, being fat. All these happens because they don’t take care of their health. Smoking influences people’s health so much – smoke destroy lungs. People’s breath becomes heavy because they start smoking in young age. They forget that they must take up sports, do morning exercises, eat healthy food to keep fit. Why do they smoke? Maybe they want be cool and feel independent. But it’s wrong. If you smoke, you will have problems with your health such as the lung cancer, problems with skin and hair, heart, liver and others. In the end you will die in young age. If you eat a lot of food, you will become fat, then you will have many problems with your heath. You will move slower, and be unable to fuction well, and you will feel discomfort.
B. Спикерге сұрақ.
1-оқушы: Which food do you think is healthy?
Спикер: The food containing different nutrients such as protein, vitamins, minerals.
2- оқушы: It is better to begin smoking than to get up early in the morning to do exercises.
Спикер: Even a child knows that doing exercises is better.
3- оқушы: My grandfather has been smoking for 60 years and he is healthy.
Спикер: It depends on the organism. There are few such people.
4- оқушы: Why is harmful to eat fat food?
Спикер:Because it makes us fat, slow and unable to function well.
С. Екінші команданың спикері.
Good day! I’m Erbolat. I want to try to persuade you that there are minuses of diet and pluses of smoking, drinking, alcogol, eating fat meet. I think vegetarians look a bit skinny. Many people like meat because they want to stay alive. They need to kill animals. They kill them for their fur, skin too. And what about going in for sport? Many people who play games break their fingers, legs, feet by pushing each other. Smoking helps us to forget our problems.
D. Спикерге сұрақ.
1-оқушы: Do you think that killing animals is good?
Спикер: I’ve just said that we do it because we need their meat.
2-оқушы: You said that smoking helps us to forget our problem, is it so?
Спикер: Yes, of course it is. When a person has some problem in his life he begins to smoke and relaxes and forgets everything.
3-оқушы: What kind of food do you eat?
Спикер: I eat food in which is in the middle of the pyramid and at the top.
Үй тапсырмасы: көзқарастардың бірін жақтап шығарма жазу.
8. Рефлексия.
Семинарға қатысушыларға кеңес:
1. Eat less of everything.
2. Exercise more.
3. Use low – calorie food.
4. Don’t eat at night.
5. Cut out snacks.
6. Eat more fruit and vegetables.
7. Follow a diet.
8. Count calories.
9. Use Healthy eating Pyramid.

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