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The work – out of the 8ә form

 Ақтөбе облысы Шалқар қаласы
2 мектеп-гимназиясының Ағылшын тілі пән мұғалімі
Қасенова Гүлшара Күзембайқызы

 The work – out of the 8ә form
I.   Objectives
: 1. Taking new theme, practice Present tenses
2.Develop their reading, writing habits and skills, increase their knowledge and broaden their out look by doing various exercises
3. Bring up their interests, teach them to be honest, to respect, and love their country.

Language: Step three “The Earth is in danger”

material   Exercise V,VI,VII.

Visual aids: interactive  board, pictures

Inter subjective link: Kazakh, Russian, Music.

                          The Outline of the lesson.

I Organization moment.

Greeting, short conversation with pupils on duty

II. Checking up the home task given at the previous lesson:

a)      Exercise 2. Read and translate

b)     Revision of new words with the help of guessing the cross word.

III. New theme: The Earth

a)     Reading of the unknown text

b)    Work with the text: Questions.

c)     Class room exercise according to the text

(True or false)

d)    Exercise VI Putting  the prepositions.

e)     Making up the sentences

f)      Work with the auxil verbs: “should or shouldn’t”

IV. Conclusion of the text                                                                                                                                                   

V. Song  “The world is beautiful”

                                The procedure of the lesson

  1. I.                  Organization moment 

Greeting with the pupils.

  1. II.               Checking up the home task given at the previous lesson

Exercise 1 p 53. To read and to translate the sentences.

Revision of the vocabulary by guessing crossword



E n v i r
  • o
n m e n t
A r
  • o
u n d
d R i n k a b l e
p r
  • o
t e c T
H a r m


All the natural and surrounding conditions

  1. On all sides, here and there
  2. Suitable or safe for drinking
  3. To keep safe
  4. Damage, wrong
  5. III.           New theme

Pupils we’ve taken the word “The Earth” So, today we’ll speak about “The Earth”

—         Pupils, let’s see the video about “The Earth”

—         So, what is the Earth?

What things come to your mind?



The Earth


Seas, lakes, rivers




Mountain, forests, lands


So, we’ve known some facts about the Earth let’s read further details about the Earth                                                                                                                                         Exercise IV p 53. Text “The Earth is in Danger” .

a)     Reading

b)    Translating

IV Questions. Answer the questions

  1. What do you see before you when you say the words “The world around us”?
  2. Is water a source of life on the Earth?
  3. Is there much water on the Earth?
  4. What problem is becoming more important and difficult?
  5. What activities do a lot of harm to the environment?

V  True a false                                                                                      True      False

  1. Many things such as lands, mountains, forests,

rivers, seas, blue and cloudy sky are on the Earth.

  1. Water isn’t  a source of  life on the Earth
  2. There is little clean and drinkable water in many rivers,


  1. People cut tress, set on fire forests and make rivers,

lakes dirty.

  1. The Earth isn’t in danger

VI  Put prepositions into each gap      


For, without, on, of, about, before







  1. What do we think ___ when use the words “The world around us”
  2. We see ___ us many things such as large lands and mountains, forests, lakes and rivers.
  3. We know that there are many seas, lakes and rivers ___ the Earth.
  4. Water is source ___ life on the Earth.
  5. All living beings are not able to live ___ water.
  6. Many rivers and lakes are polluted and cannot be used ___ drinking.

VII  “What’s happening”.

Cut down trees, set on fire forests, make rivers and lakes dirty, pollute air. 

All these bad activities do a lot of harm to the environment. So, what should or shouldn’t do in order to protect our environment.

VIII   Game “Help the Nature”.

Cut down trees, set fire forests, keep water clean, protect the nature, pollute the air, save the environment, make and rivers


dirty, do a lot of harm.



Should                                                        Shouldn’t



IX  Video about Kazakhstan

If our world is clean, our country will also be very beautiful

  1. How is it called our country?
  2. What kind of country is our mother land?
  3. What anniversary are you celebrating?

Video about Kazakhstan

X   Conclusion. The song “The world is beautiful”

XI  Marks

    XII Home task: Exercise IV retell the text  

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