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You are my heart, You – Kazakhstan. (Extracurricular work)

Ақтөбе облысы, Шалқар қаласы, №2 мектеп-гимназияның
ағылшын тілі пән мұғалімдері:
Кеулімжаева Базаркүл Елеуқызы, Қасенова Гүлшара Күзембайқызы

The aims: 1.To enrich their word stock, to check up their knowledge  on   Kazakhstan.To be able to speak about our motherland.
To develop their speaking habits and skills.
To bring them up to love our country, to be able to protect, and to be an individual citizen of our country  
The visual aids:
The state symbols, the map of our republic, scheme

             The type of the lesson: a competition.

Intersubjective connection: Kazakh, history, geography and music.

The procedure of the lesson.

1.The lesson begins with singing  the anthem of Kazakhstan.

2. Good afternoon dear teachers and pupils. Today we’ll have a competition  between  two commands «Peace »  and  «Friendship»  which is called «You are my heart, you- Kazakhstan » . This party is devoted to the 20th  anniversary of our Independence.

We’ll speak about our Motherland, its successes  and its way of taking independence .You’ll show your knowledge about Kazakhstan.

Before beginning our competition let’s introduce our plan.


  1. Questions. guessing crossword
  2. Magic numbers
  3. Brilliant twenty years
  4. Reciting poems in three languages
  5. Musical home task
  6. Find my second half

Now , let’s begin. Good luck.

           Task 1.Guess the cross word.

1. What is the native language of Kazakhstan? (Kazakh)

2.What is the northern capital of our Kazakhstan? (Astana)

3.  Who is the head of Kazakhstan? (Nazarbaev)

4.The city of apples. (Almaty)

5.The  main lake ( Balkash )

6. What river is Astana situated on. (Ishim)

7. The typical Kazakhstan plant is – (saxaul)

8. The national currency of the Republic is (tenge)

9.The  landscape is bordered on the east by – (Altai)

10. Kazakhstan borders with _  to the east. (China)

Task II. Magic numbers. You’ll choose  the numbers and answer the questions.

  1. How many regions are there in Kazakhstan? (14 regions)
  2. What is the biggest river in Kazakhstan? (The Irtysh)
  3. What chambers does Kazakh Parliament consist of ? (The Senate and Majilis)
  4. When was the last Constitution approved? (on the 30th  of  august)
  5. Describe the flag of Kazakhstan
  6. When do we celebrate the Independence Day (16th of December)
  7. What is the state language of  Kazakhstan? (Kazakh)
  8. What kind of state is Kazakhstan? (Democratic republic)


Task III. Brilliant twenty years.


  1. 1991. In 1991 our country has declared our Independence. The first Kazakh cosmonaut Tokhtar Aubakirov flew into space.
  2. 1992. In 1992 our President N.A. Nazarbaev signed the law about national symbols.
  3. 1993. Kazakh national money tenge is appeared on the 15th  of  November
  4. 1994. The second Kazakh cosmonaut Talgat Musabaev flew into  space for six hours
  5.  1995. On the 30th  of August our new constitution was adopted
  6.  1996. On the 16th of December the Independent  monument in Almaty was opened.
  7. 1997. The capital of  our country was moved to Akmola.
  8. 1998. In may 1998 Akmola  was renamed Astana, the Kazakh word for capital.
  9. 1999. Astana was awarded with the price «International world city» .We declared the 1999th -the year of humidity.
  10.  2000. the year of supporting culture.
  11.  2011. the 10th anniversary of our Independence.
  12.  2002. the highest monument «Baiterek» was built  and this year was the year of  «Health»
  13.  2003. this year was devoted the year of  «Country»

14.2004. the first museum of our president was opened in Astana.

  1.  2005. «Kazakhstan is on the stages of development » Nazarbaev’s sending was appeared.
  2.  2006. New anthem  «My Kazakhstan » by Sh.Kaldayakov and

N. Nazarbaev was adopted in January.

  1.  2007. this year is « the  year of  Kazakhstan » in Ukraine.
  2.  On the left of Astana the monument  «Kazakh ely»  was opened and the main author  of it was N.A. Nazarbaev.The height of the monument is 91m.
  3.  2009. «The year of  Kazakhstan » in Germany.
  4.  2010. This year we held the most international leading association OSCE . and Astana declaration was adopted.
  5.  2011. the seventh winter Asian games were held in Kazakhstan.


Task IV. Reciting poems in three languages.


Task V. Musical home task.

Peace «Ана тілегі»

Friendship «Жаса Қазақстан»

Task VI.

Find my second half

(Proverbs in three languages )

1 Өзге тілдің бәрін біл,өз тілінді құрметте

Know foreign languages, but respect your native one.

Семь языков знай,  но свой почитай

2 Век  живи- век учись.

Оқусыз білім жоқ,білімсіз күнің жоқ.

Live and learn.

3 Өз үйім өлең төсегім.

В гостях хорошо, а дома лучше.

East or west, home is best.

4 Человек без Родины, как соловей без леса.

Person  without Motherland as a nightingale without forest.

Отансыз адам- ормансыз бұлбұл.


So, pupils we have finished our competition. Our juries will  say the results of the competition .

Thank you , pupils.Our  competition is over.Today’s  winner  is the team «Friendship».Pupils wherever you are, love and respect your native country. Good bye.



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