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Planning my time

Қызылорда облысы, Қазалы ауданы, Әйтеке би кенті,
Ы. Алтынсарин атындағы № 204 мектептің
ағылшын тілі пән мұғалімі Кожабай Мирамкуль Исмагуловна

The plan of the lesson

 Theme: Planning my time    Form: 6 “G”
The aims of the lesson:
Educational:  to consolidate lexical stock, to encourage students in different tasks and to  express their opinions, to enrich students’ vocabulary.
    to develop pupils’ creative and logical abilities, understanding, reading  and writing, grammar and lexical skills.
Bringing-up:   to bring up love and interest to the subject, to respect each other, to Create an English atmosphere in the classroom.


1. To help pupils speaking, writing, listening and draw.

2. Revise all the material, answer the questions, describe the pictures and peoples, and make up your own sentences.

3. To bring up children to interest to languages.


Visual aids:  pictures, cards, interactive board.


The type of the lesson: competition English lesson.


The procedure of the lesson


I.  The organizational moment


—         Good afternoon!

—         Good afternoon teacher!

—         How are you?

—         I’m fine, and you?

—         I’m fine too, thank you, sit down please!

The report of the pupil on duty

—         Who is on duty today?

—         I’m on duty today.

—         Who is absent today?

—         All are present.

—         What date is it today?

—         Today is the 15th of May.

—         What day is it today?

—         Today is Saturday.

—         Well, thank you, sit down please.


New theme:

So today we have new theme “Planning my time ”.




     II. Warm up.

Teenagers can

Parents home

Have part tome job

Motor bike   ………………… etc


   III. Checking up the home work

   Teacher divides class into 2 degrees and  she passes  lesson

III – degree

1.task : To speak about rules of Past Continuous tense :

2.Task: To make up dialogue using Past Continuous tense :

Ex:6 on p 84

3.:to say Proverb


II- degree

1.task : Ex: on p 83

2.task: Complete the table

3.: Ex: 6 on p 84 make up question



IV. New Materials

1.Reading the new text : ‘” Do you know”

2.Translate into Kazakh

3.Doing exercise: 9


5.To compare the USA with the Kazakhstan


V. To consolidate the Grammar material

VI .Home task

III – degree  Ex : 13 on p  85

Essay and  short retelling the about your country ( Text Do you know )

II-degree : Ex: 11 on p 85 Compete the chart
VII. Giving marks

Your mark is 5,4

VIII. The end of the lesson

The lesson is over!

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