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My room

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Рахимбаева К.К

Plan of the lesson.

Grade: 5 form

Lesson Title: My room

The aim of the lesson: to explain the theme of the lesson; to practice using have/has got; to develop the pupils’ speaking, reading, thinking abilities; to teach them to love their houses and flats.


  • to practice using have/has got.

  • to practice using the vocabulary of colours.

  • to practice asking and answering the questions about the theme.
  • to read and understand a letter.
  • to describe the rooms.

  • to write and talk about their own flats or rooms.

  • to bring up children to love their houses and flats.

Teaching aids needed: Student’s Book and Work Book, Interactive board, slides, flash cards, games, worksheets and Internet sites.

Used technology: ICT

The type of lesson: open lesson

The method of the lesson: group work, pair work, question-answer, explaining.

The procedure of the lesson

I. Organization moment. (Slide 1)

  1. greeting:

— Good afternoon, boys and girls! Nice to see you again!

— How do you feel today?

  • Thank you, take your seats.

  1. asking the date and day:

  • What date is it today?

  • What day is it today?

  1. checking absentees:

  • Who is on duty today?

  • Who is absent?

  • Thank you!

Training exercises. (Көңілді орта қалыптастыру)

To divide the class into 4 groups.(with the help of sweets)

II. Checking up the home task.

  • What was your hometask for today?

  1. To learn by heart the key words. (Slide 2)

  2. To do exercises 3,4,5 p 18 – 19 LP.

-Are you ready? Let’s check your hometask. Who wants to read the exercises…… ?

— Thank you.You have done your homework very well.

III. Warm up: Matching with the picture. (Slide 3)

Teacher: OK! And now, listen to my descriptions and say what room it is and match them with their pictures.

  1. It’s a room for sleeping. bathroom
  2. It’s a room for cooking. living room
  3. It’s a room for watching TV. bedroom
  4. It’s a room for washing our hands and face. study room
  5. It’s a room for working. kitchen

Well done. You remember the names of the rooms and we go further.

IV. Main stage. New theme.

Today at the lesson we are going to revise everything we know about the house. Our aim of the lesson is to study the key words and grammar point have/has got, listen and read, play and speak about our topic. First of all, look at the blackboard, please. Here you see a table; you should complete it during the lesson. (Slide 4)

Topic ________________________________________________________

What I know

What I want to know

What I learned

  • To distribute the worksheet for assessing, they should put the marks to other groups for their work.

1. Presentation and Practice of Key words: colours. – to present key words by showing pictures and realia. (Slide 5)

  • To make whole – class, group and individual repetitions.

  • Listen and repeat the key words.

  • Hold up coloured pencils/books to the class and pupils should say the name of the colour.

What colour is it?

2. Revision of the grammar: have/has got. Let’s revise have got (I, you, we, they)/has got (he, she, it). OK! Answer my questions, please?

— When we use the have got/has got?

— We use have got to talk about person’s family: I have got a sister.

We use have got to talk about possessions: I have got a new computer.

In descriptions of people/ things to talk about their appearance: I’ve got blue eyes.

— Thank you for your answers. (Slide 6)

3. Practice the grammar. – ex 4 p 23 SB.(Slide 7)

4. Training exercises. – Are you tired? Let’s have a rest and sing a song.

5. Reading and listening. – So, children open your Student’s book on page 22.

  1. Pre-listening task: We will listen Gabriela’s letter to an American friend. Before listening the task you should read 4 statements.

  2. While-listening task: Ok! We are going to listen to the letter.

  3. Pоst-listening task: Is it clear for you? Now read and write. Are these sentences True or False? (Slide 8)

1. Her friend’s name is Kelly. (T)

2. Gabriela and Poala have got a computer in their bedroom. (F)

3. The bedroom window is small. (T)

4. Her friend’s brother’s name is Andy. (F)

V. Production.


1. Group work: to describe the rooms (Slide 9)

2. Pair work: to ask students to make up a dialogue by using all the key words according to the theme. (Slide 10)

3. Additional questions.

VI. Conclusion.

  1. Home task – to ask pupils to describe their own rooms. (Slide 10)

  2. Reflection – please write down your stickers “What you learned” and stick it.
  3. Evaluation. – to praise active pupils and put their marks with giving them MMD. You were very active today. Thank you.

Dear pupils! Today we have talked about “House”. You know, that house isn’t only our living place, it’s the place that gives us warm. Only at home we gather with our families. There is no place, like home. I want to finish my lesson with the proverb: “East or West, Home is best”. (Slide 11). Lesson is over. Good bye!

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