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The educational aspects of the sport art

Қызылорда облысы, Арал ауданы, Шижаға елді-мекені
Елеу Көшербаев атындағы орта мектебінің
шет тілі пәні мұғалімі  Абишева Надежда

There are many people are fond of sport in everyday life. There wait sport news in hurry, go often to the stadiums as sport fans, wishes the for their favorite sportsman. There are many sport fans, and every person can be a fan. There are many people in the world, different nations, languages and religions. Not dividing to all this peculiarities what is sport which had been admired by everyone.

Sport is a guarantee of health, every person knows about it. «A sound mind in a sound body» everybody who knows the meaning of the proverb has a knowledge of sports value.At first sports is rivalry. It trains to be ahead, to learn more, to work hart with spilling caveat. It teaches only investigate, not stopping. To be at the rate of rivalry is an education. The main thing is sport as a peace loving rivalry.

Sport is politics. It is a diplomat of peace. It shows the friendship between nations, the courage s of the heroes, the country’s sovereignty, and high spirits. The rivalry with glass is Olympic, the heads of every countries go there as sport fans. It shows the importunes of sport.

Sport is a sapiens. If you want to take part of in the competition you wish to be a winner. Protecting for the native countries honor the number and the weight of medals are important. Not waiting the results of spilled sweat, you must justify your countries hope.Sport is supported by the state, so achieving the purpose it should have been deeply investigated.

Sport is a art. It is one of the winds of main arts witch needs manual and mental ability to work. Being legible admiring this hair proudly art you must show your honesty then sport will be a magic world will give you more sport dements real talent labrets mastership and ability to work.

Sport is a means of education. It is hellhound for the nature generation to form the sense of partition. Because there is no boy noted sport. To love sport to train sport to train children to live closely with sport we advocated the soberness life. Sport forms the ability of honesty patience working hard,justice.In my experiment sport helps me to organize to respect friendship and filings of respect between boys with girls. Their favorite sportsmen’s live and names of unknown sportsmen the history of sports these were my pupils’ works whish had been by the librarian collecting in formations arenas. My pupils took part to different rates of wrestling, volleyball games and football achieved high results it give them believe ness.Many class hours are devoted to famous sportsmen their way of being champion. We watched films about these events. I natives some of my pupils best dream will be sport. For this aim Improper to plan the direct subject and its purpose the ways of working.

If you want to educate pupils with good abilities you must to use sport the kinds of national sports are wonderful means too.

The pupils collected the information about the forgotten national sports they came arose with “kamshigirlic”.Atthe result  of their work we have an extending lesson about grateful domestic animal –horse.

During the lesson are played national sports as “kiss kuu”,”kokpar”,”audarispac” that shoes the quality of the horse in our life.

The village boys love  horse, they know all, kinds of horse  competitions like “baiga”In learning words Checking up understudying the text and  cannonading the previous material I use sports games. used in changing for class atmosphere. At the competition lessons we play “audarispac” and “volleyball». The future for generation. So today we the teachers who spilling sweat for giving knowledge and education will patriotic sense to the pupils.

Collecting simple and grateful values anal be absorbing to the children’s body are our debt. If there is clear  aim there will be no high top. The values of all people-the happiness of all children in future all the teachers works are diverted for them. I what sphere we’ll investigate we call others to develop our country only with good news

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