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Sport in Kazakhstan and in Great Britain

Оңтүстік Қазақстан облысы, Арыс қаласы
С.Қожанов атындағы орта мектебінің ағылшын пән мұғалімі

Қасымова Гүлзада Төлегенқызы

Form: 8 “A”
Date: The 17 th September. Friday.
The theme of the lesson: “Sport in Kazakhstan and in Great Britain”.

The objectives of the lesson: 1) To develop pupils’ speaking skills, translation abilities questioning and answering the questions: understanding skills. 2) To know more about sport in Kazakhstan and in Great Britain. 3) Development of pupils’ pronunciation abilities.

Methods: question-answer, group-work, individual work, game.

Visual aids: Interactive board, books.

I Organization moment: Good morning children! How are you? Sit down please! Who is on duty today? Who is absent today? What date is it today? What day is it today?

II Warm-up: Sport helps people to stay in a good shape, keeps them fit, healthy. Kazakh people have a lot of national games such as “baiga”, “zhamby”, “kyz-kuu”, “Kokpar”, “Audaryspak”.

Sports and games in Great Britain take different forms. The British play many sports that are unknown in most other countries: f.e: cricket, netball, squash, rugby.

My favourite sport is gymnastic and my favourite sportswoman is Aliya Ysupova.

Now children,I devided you into 2 groups: The first team is “Kairat” and second team is “”

“Barselona”.The head of the team is Sara and second team’s head is Tokzhan. Answer my question:

  1. What’s your favourite sport?

  2. Why do you like tennis?

  3. What’s your favourite sportsman/ sportswoman?

  4. Why do you like him/ her?

Who wants to write the sport in Kazakhstan? What kind of sports in Great Britain do you know?

III Checking up the pupils’ home task: Let’s playing the game “Football”.

IV Presentation: Let’s begin our lesson. The theme of the lesson: “Sport in Kazakhstan and in Great Britain”. The aims of the lesson: to know more about sport in Kazakhstan and in Great Britain. Before beginning our lesson all of you look at the active board. First of all we must see a little video about sport.

V Practice: We know more sports. Open your copy books and write down the dates and theme of the lesson. Complete the diagram.

Sport in Kazakhstan Sport in Great Britain.




What helps us sport?

  1. To introduce to other countries. Елмен елді таныстырады.

  2. To keep the health. Денсаулықты жақсартады.

  3. Fitness. Күш, қуат береді.

  4. To help the friend. Арадағы достыққа көмек береді.

In our town many sportsman.

VI Conclusion: For make a conclusion I have prepared the game “Basketball”

  1. What does sport help people to do?

  2. What sports are popular in our country?

  3. What English popular sports do you know?

  4. Do you like sports?

  5. What is your favourite sportsman/sportswoman?

  6. Why do you like him/her?

  7. What sports are you going in for?

  8. What national games do you know?

  9. Do you like extreme sports?

  10. Who is Bakyt Sarsekbaev?

  11. What kind of sportswoman do you know in our town?

Now, I’ll give your mark: excellent, good, satisfactory, give me your diary books. Open your diary books and write down your home task: Ex: II, 21good reading the text. “Kairat” team is winner in this lesson. We hope that this team will be Olympic chimpions in the future. All of you stand up sing a song “All is best all is fine”.

Our lesson is over. See you next week. Good bye children!

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