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Family traditions in the UK and Kazakhstan

Қарағынды облысы , Ақтоғай ауданы , Кежек ауылы
Ақши орта мектебі
Ағылшын пәнінің мұғалімі
Сағымбекова Диана Жанатқызы

Class: 8
Theme:“Family traditions in the UK and Kazakhstan”
Type of the lesson: traditional

  1. Жаңа сөздерді оқытуға байланысты оқушылардың сөздік қорын және сөз мәнерін байытуға, дамытуға көмектесу

  2. Family traditions in the UK and Kazakhstan” тақырыбы бойынша балалардың оқу және сөйлеу қабілеттерін дамыту, өз қасиеттерін бағалай білуге тәрбиелеу.

  3. Ұлы Британия мерекелері мен Қазақстанның мерекелерін салыстыру

Equipments of the lesson: cards, tape-recorder

Procedure of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment:

Good morning, children!

Good morning, teacher!

How are you?

We are good! And you?

I’m fine. Who is on duty today?

— I’m …

— What date is it today?

— Who is absent today?

— All are present!


2. Phonetic exercise. Remember the numbers. Repeat after me, let’s begin!

Christmas Message

I like the bells on Christmas Day

Their old familiar cards play

And wild and sweet

The words repeat

Of peace on earth, good will to men.


3. Checking home task

  • What was your homework?

  • Ex 2 P 40

  • Ok, let’s check your homework


4. Explanation of new theme

Boys and girlslook at the blackboard and write down today’s date. Today our theme is called “Family traditions in the UK and Kazakhstan”. We shall do grammar exercises about “Unreal conditional”.















Supplement exercise

Let’s take this first conditional quiz



Reading and speaking skills

Exercise 2. Read the text.


Kazakhstan has many different customs and traditions. The most important Kazakh holiday of the year is “Nauryz” – the Kazakh New Year.

On March 22 – nd people from smaller villages come to bigger cities. Families get together to help one another on constructing a “yurt” which is the traditional Kazakh home. Since the Kazakhs were originally nomadic people they had homes that could be easily set up and moved from one place to another. These yurts are made of long curved pieces of wood that are tied together and make the skeleton for this round house.




If you enter a yurt on Nauryz you will see that it is decorated with beautiful Kazakh ornaments, rugs and blankets. As a guest you will sit at a long low table and eat such Kazakh dishes as “karta”, “plov”, “besbarmak”.

At the end of the meal you will have tea and listen to musicians playing dombyras and kobyz and singing songs. Then you may see many ancient Kazakh games.

One of the major features of Nauryz is the traditional costumes that men and women wear.



  1. When is Nauryz celebrated?

  2. Where do families get together?

  3. What are the yurts made of?

  4. What are the Kazakh people’s traditional dishes?

  5. How are the yurts decorated?

  6. What musical instruments do Kazakh people play?

  7. What other important features of Nauryz do you know?


5. Conclusion

  • Do you understand new theme?

  • Have you got any questions?

6. Evaluation.

  • I put “5” for…

  • I put “4” for …

  • I put “3” for …

  • You are clever guys! You worked very well!


7. Homework

— Ex 3 P43

— To learn by heart phonetic exercise.


  • Stand up, boys and girls!

  • Good-bye, see you later!

  • Good-bye, teacher!

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