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Type of the lesson: traditional
Class: 6

  1. Жаңа сөздерді үйрету барысында балалардың есту, жазу, оқу және сөйлеу қабілеттерін дамыту;

  2. Оқушыларға “Review”тақырыбын сәйкес жаңа сөздерді үйрету;

  3. Оқушыларға өз үйлерінің тазалығын сақтай білуге тәрбиелеу.

Equipments of the lesson: cards, interactive board, tape-recorder

Procedure of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment:

  • Good afternoon, children!

  • Good afternoon, teacher!

  • How are you?

  • We are great! And you?

  • I’m fine. I’m glad to see you! Who is on duty today?

  • What date is it today?

  • Who is absent today?

  • All are present!

  • Thank you, sit down.

  1. Phonetic drill.Repeat after me! Let’s begin

Gilly Silly Jarter,
She lost her garter,
In a shower of rain.
The miller found it,
The miller ground it,
And the miller gave it to Silly again.

  1. Checking Hometask

  • What was your Hometask?

  • Let’s check up your Hometask

  1. Explanation of new theme

Boys and girls open your copybooks and write down today’s date. Today our new theme is called “Review” And we shall repeat all of the tenses.



Writing skill

Exercise 1. Look at the picture for 2 minutes. Write 8 sentences with “some’, “any” in your notebook.

Example: There are some books on the desk.

There aren’t any musical instruments.


Exercise 2. How many words can you add to these lists?

  1. Kitchen, bedroom …

  2. Chair, table …

  3. Botany, English …

  4. Juice, water …


Exercise 4. Read.


Look around you- what do you see? What do you hear? What do you smell? If you live in a city, you probably see many people. You hear the noise of traffic, and you smell the pollution from cars and factories.

We are entering a new time in the history of the world. Before this, most people were farmers. They lived in the country. Now many people are leaving the farms and moving into the cities. They are looking for jobs. The cities are growing very quickly.

Most cities are very crowded. People are driving more cars, burning more fuel, using more water, eating more food making more rubbish. Life is becoming difficult.


Exercise 5. Write. Choose sentences from the list below and write two separate paragraphs organizing the sentences into a clear order. The topics are: “Crowding” and “Pollution”. Each paragraph will have 6 sentences.

1) Young people from the country are looking for better jobs in the city.

2) Many people think that city life is more interesting.

3) Farmers work very hard, and they don’t earn much money.

4) There are many kinds of Pollution.

5) Many people throw garbage on the ground.

6) Why are so many people moving into the city?

7) Air pollution comes from cars and factories.

8) There are two reasons.

9) There are more theatres, parks and shops in the city.

10) Water pollution comes from factories too.

11) Noise pollution comes from factories, trains and crowds of people.

12) Rubbish is a kind of pollution.



Exercise 13. Classification. Write one name for each the following groups. Before starting, look at the example.





Exercise 14. Auxiliaries. Put am/is/are or do/does/did into the gaps.

a) What time_____ Maria usually arrive at school?

b) _____ he play tennis last Sunday?

c) How often _____ you wash your hair?

d) _____ he playing tennis now?

e) We _____ having dinner at the moment.

f) _____ you live in a house or a flat?

g) Where _____ your parents meet?
h) _____ he speak English?

i) It _____ raining now.


Exercise 15. Read about and complete the chart.

My name Bruno I live in Madrid, the capital of Spain. On weekdays, I go to school from 9 o’clock in the morning until 4 o’clock in the afternoon O do my homework. I get a lot of homework!

At the weekend, I see my friends. During the day we play football or go to the park. I love football! In the evening, we watch television or go to the cinema.


Name _____________________________________________________________

City ______________________________________________________________

Country ___________________________________________________________

Start school at ______________________________________________________

Finish school at _____________________________________________________

Weekday evening’s __________________________________________________


Day ______________________________________________________________

Evening ___________________________________________________________



  1. Conclusion

  • Do you understand new theme?

  • Have you got any questions?

  1. Evaluation.

  • I put “5” for…

  • I put “4” for …

  • You are clever guys! You worked very good!


  1. Hometask

  • Ex 17 P 184


  • Stand up, boys and girls! The lesson is over.

  • Good-bye, children!

  • Good-bye, teacher!

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