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Unit III Shopping

Бөкенбаева Гүлнар Октябрятқызы
80 мектеп-гимназия

Шет тілі пәні
Theme: Unit III Shopping.
Step 1. Food and drink.
Aims of the lesson

  1. Educational: Presentation new grammar materials. Countable and uncountable nouns. To introduce the new words and expressions the theme.

  2. Developing: To develop students abilities in oral speech and reading. To train in speaking, reading to enrich students vocabulary.

  3. Bringing-up: To bring up love and interest in the subject.

Methods of the lesson: pair, individual, group work

Kind of the lesson: traditional

Type of the lesson: mixed

Connection: Kazakh, Russia

Visual aids: grammar materials, interactive-board


Procedure of the lesson

  1. Org.moment.

  1. Greetings. Dialogue with the students on duty.

  2. Phonetic drill.

Breakfast in the morning,

Dinner in the day.

Tea comes after dinner,

Then, it’s time to play.

  1. Checking up homework:

Unit II step 5

  1. Learn new words

  2. Revision modal verb “Can”

  1. Consolidate homework:

The song “I can walk”

  1. Introduction new lesson:

Unit III Shopping. Step 1 Food and drink.

Ex:1 p48

tomato coffee juice

banana apple carrot

potato tea grape



Vegetables Fruits Drinks

Grammar: Countable and uncountable nouns.

There is no- s on sugar because we can`t count it. It`s an uncountable noun.

There is an-s on apples, because we can count it. It`s a countable noun.

Ex: 2 p 48

Study these with your teacher

Countable Uncountable


Ex: 3 p 48

Complete the chart using the words in exercise 2.






Other food



















The song”

  1. Consolidate new lesson.

New words

traditional adj.- дәстүрлі

hospitable adj.- меймандос

invite v.- шақыру

product n.- өнім

useful adj.- пайдалы

health n.- денсаулық

Ex: 5 p 49 Read the text.

Kazakh Traditional Food

In Kazakhstan people eat a lot of meat. Their traditional food is the Kazakh meat. Kazakh people are very hospitable. When they invite guests they also cook pilaf, kazy, kuyrdak. They have some traditional milk products. They are Kurt, irimshik. Their traditional drinks are kymyz, shubat. These drinks are very useful for our health.



Ex: 6 p 49

Talk to your partner.

Journalist is from London.

VI. Conclusion

Sketch “ A fox and Crane ”

VII. Giving marks

Your mark is…

VIII. Giving homework

Step 1(A) ex: 7 p 49

  1. Learn new words

  2. Revision grammar materials.

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