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Thomas Cook

Ақтөбе қаласы, Есет батыр атындағы
Ақтөбе облыстық әскери – полициялық
мектеп – интернатының

ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі
Шерниязова Дана Сәбитқызы

Subject: English Date: 12.10.2012
Level: 10th form “B”
Duration: 45 minutes
The theme of the lesson: “Thomas Cook”
The aims of the lesson: Pupils will be able to:

  1. To introduce with the text, to speak about the famous travelers who contributed to the development of tourism.

  2. To develop pupils’ communicative skills in reading, speaking and thinking; to arouse their interest in learning English.

  3. To bring up pupils to be attentive, to teach to work creatively: to encourage respect to their country.


Visual aids: Interactive board, portraits of travelers, cards, slides, scheme


The type of the lesson: Standard


Method: Ask-answer, combine, compare, searching, creative.


Interaction: with Geography, Kazakh and Russian lessons

The procedure of the lesson:

Teacher’s activity:

  1. Organization moment

  1. Preparation

Good morning, boys. I’m very glad to see you today. Sit down, please.

A talk with the student on duty.

Today we are going to get some more information about the famous travelers who contributed to the development of tourism. To revise the past tenses and try to do some other tasks. First let’s start with your homework, so let’s check it. What was your homework?

  1. Checking homework:

Exercise 20 on page 34. Put words into correct column according to the pronunciation of letters th.

Boys, let’s revise your previous lesson’s grammar material on theme Past Simple. So, your task is to give the third forms and translations of the following verbs.

  1. Begin _______ ________

  2. Write _______ ________

  3. Find _______ ________

  4. Do _______ ________

  5. Be _______ ________

  6. Understand _______ ________

  7. Cut _______ ________

  8. Speak _______ ________

  9. Go _______ ________

  10. Bring _______ ________


  1. Warming up:

Before we start our lesson, let’s talk about famous travelers in general.

Do you know any famous travelers?

Why were they famous?

Do you know what nationality they were?


  1. Main stage


So, the theme of our lesson is “Thomas Cook”

Today we shall speak about famous travelers during our lesson. Before we start work with the text, I’ll give you some new words according to the theme. Let’s pronounce these words.

  • Tours – саяхат

  • Excursion – экскурсия

  • Destinations – мекенді белгілеу

  • Globe – әлем

  • Steamship – кеме

  • Delighted – таң қалу

  • Fertility — жемістілігі

  • Filthy – лас, кір

  • Revolting көтерілісшіл

  • Railroad – теміржол

Now stick these papers on your copybooks. Where is your glue sticks?

Good! Let’s read the text “Thomas Cook” first after that you will have to do some tasks. Then we will join necessary information and try to do some other tasks. After translating the text we shall work with the semantic map.


Was born in 1809 in England


In Cairo he fell ill


The Time” Traveler



First person who developed died in 1892

mass tourism

He travel to France, Switzerland,

Egypt, Japan, China, India, etc.


  1. Practice

Task I

Magic numbers

Which of the following numbers or dates relate to the person you read about? What do they refer to?

Task II

Correct the sentences according to the text “Thomas Cook”.


  1. developed/ person/ mass tourism/ Thomas Cook/ who/ the first/ was

Thomas Cook was the first person who developed mass tourism.


  1. book/ wrote/ he/ “The Times”/ In 1873/ his

In 1873 he wrote his book “The Times”


  1. the tours/ organized/ around/ He/ the globe

He organized the tours around the globe.


  1. seriously/ for/ he/ time/ In Cairo/ fell/ first time/ ill

In Cairo he fell seriously ill for the first time.


  1. in Leister/ of England/ Thomas Cook/ in the center/ born/ was

Thomas Cook was born in Leister in the center of England.


Task III

Task IV

True/ False

  1. Thomas Cook wrote his book which is called “The Times” in 1899.

  2. He arrived home in England after 333 days abroad.

  3. In 1870 the first round — the world tour was organized by Thomas Cook.

  4. Thomas Cook liked Chinese “narrow filthy streets”.

  5. He died in May at the age of 93.


  1. The ending of lesson


a) Giving marks:

A few words about your marks …

b) Giving home task:

Look at the blackboard and write down your home task for the next lesson:

Exercise 6, page 38 .

c) Evaluation:

So, our lesson is over. You were very active. Thank you for your work. You may be free. Good bye!

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