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School rules

Алматы облысы, Талғар ауданы, Т.Рысқұлов ауылы
Т.Рысқұлов атындағы Жалпы білім беретін №16 орта мектеп
ағылшын пәнінің мұғалімі Раушан Иргебаева

Plan of the lesson

Date: 09/02/2012-11/02/2012

Theme: School rules

Teaching aids: Textbook, grammar table.


Educational : to teach pupils to speak about school rules, about families using the new words and new grammar


Practical: to form pupils’ speaking, reading, writing skills


Developing: to develop pupils’ thinking and memory perception using the new theme



Organization moment

Checking up the home task


Explanation of the aims

New theme

Checking up the knowledge

Home work


Procedure of the lesson:


Organization moment

Good afternoon, children! How are today? Sit down, please. Who is on duty today? Who is absent? What day and date is it today? What is the weather like today? (5 min)


Checking up the home task

What was your home task for today? (ex12, p108, to retell the text “Health farm”) (10 min)



Work in a group. Write as many words as you can connected with school (5 min)


Subject, timetable…….


Aims of the lesson

Today  we are going to speak about school rules, about your timetable, you’ll know new words connected the theme and you’ll  know the modal verbs: have to, should, must (2 min)


New theme

Look at the exercise 2, p109. Here you see the school rules. Read them and translate, then tick those which are the same in your school.(8 min)

For example:

You must:

Do your home work on time (+)

You mustn’t:

Be late for the lessons (+)

So let’s come to our grammar, today we will speak about modal verbs: HAVE TO, SHOULD, MUST

(teacher explains the grammar)(7 min)

Exercise 3, p 109. Complete the sentences with must and mustn’t and translate them into your language.

Keys: a. mustn’t

b. must

c. must (5 min)


Checking up the knowledge

Teacher asks children to do the exercise 4 in oral form, then to repeat grammar rules (3 min)


Home task: ex 5, p 110 (project work)


Evaluation  (5 min)

School rules: 1 комментарий

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