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How much do we know about the UK?

’’How  much  do  we know about the UK?’’  Қызылорда облысы, Қазалы ауданы, Әйтекеби кенті
№266 мектеп-лицей ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі Жалгасова Ботакөз

 Theme: ’’How  much  do  we know about the UK?’’                                           


The aims and objectives of teaching:

                                                  1.to develop pupils’ abilities in oral speech and comprehension.

                                                 2.To consolidate pupils knowledge about the UK, its   

                                                 history, geography, political outlook, culture, traditions.

                                                 3.to develop the group work and individual differences.


The type: Extra  curricular work.

The kind: competition.

The Method: practical  work.

Teaching  materials  and  visual aids: active    word, computer.                                      


Let me   introduce   the  programmer  of  the  competition.

At the competition take part two teams. Each team has  a  captain and  the  name.

One of them is   ‘’ Daffodil’’, another  is ‘’ Rose’’.

Competition consists of   VII-rounds:

I ’’Introduction’’, Each  team  has   to introduce  themselves, the captain  will   help  them.

II. ’’Who is the Fastest?’’ There are given  20 questions. Each team  will  answer for  10 questions.

III. ’Who  know  more ?’’There are given 16 questions  about  geographical  position. Each team   will     

         answer  for  8 questions.

IV. ’’Who is the best? ’’There  are given 12 questions about places of  interest  and political system.

V. ’’It’s more interesting  to  know’’ The  Captains  will  tell  about  Famous  people:

                                                          W. Shakespeare   and  the  Royal  Family.

VI. Conclusion.

VII. Relax. Reading  the  poem  in  English, in Russian  and in Kazakh.

                                         Now  let’s  start!

Leader1:Dear  teachers  and  the  guests  of  competition! Welcome  to   our  party

            We hope  that  you’ll  enjoy  our  competition!


  Leader2:       I-st. Round is  presentation  of themselves of each team.

                      Now, the captain of ’’Daffodil’’,  begin, please………

  Ok, the captain of ‘’ Rose’’, continue, please .

   Leader1:    Ok, well done.

                     II- nd. Round is ’’Who is the  fastest? ’’there are given 20 questions about General Information of  the    UK. You’ll  try to answer the questions.

Please show your abilities and opportunities on the teaching language.

Each  team will answer for 10 questions.

Leader2:  Each  question has one point.

              The members of the jury will  mark it. Please the captain of  Daffodil choose  your line in the      


             Well ,begin, please.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


               1.What is the official name of Britain?

                                         (The United Kingdom of Great  Britain and Northern Ireland)

               2.Where is the United Kingdom situated?

                                        (on the British Isles)

              3.What parts does the United Kingdom consist of?

                                      (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern   Ireland)

               4.What is the capital of England?                 (London).

               5.What is the oldest part of London?           (the City).

               6.What is the official part of London?         (the Westminster).

               7.What river runs through London?            (the Thames).

               8.What is the capital of  Scotland?              (Edinburgh).

               9.What is the capital of  Wales?                  (Cardiff).

               10. What is the capital of Northern Ireland?      (Belfast).

Leader1:Ok, ‘’ Rose’’ continue please.

              1.What is the symbol of England ?         (the rose).

              2. What is the symbol of Scotland?        (the  thistle).

             3. What is the symbol of  Wales?            (the Daffodil).

             4. What is the symbol of  Northern Ireland?          (the  red hand and the shamrock).

             5 What is the national  costume of Scotland?        (the kilt).

             6.What is the national instrument of the Scots?      (the  bagpipe).

             7.What  is Edinburgh  famous for?                          (for its music and  theatre  festivals).

             8.How Wales can be also called?                              (a ’’land of Song’’).

             9.When do British people Celebrate  Christmas?      (on the 25th of December).

            10.What is the traditional meal in Britain?               (Roast  turkey and pudding).


Leader1:Ok,Well  done. The next Round is ’’Who knows more? ’’There  are  giv en 16 questions  about  

              Geographical position.

Leader2:The each team will answer for 8 questions

               Now  the team ‘Daffodil’’ choose your line please.

                 Ok, begin ,answering,  please:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


              1.What is `the  western  coast of  the British Isles washed by ?      (by the  Atlantic  Ocean)

             2.What is the  eastern coast of the British Isles washed by?      (by the North sea).

             3.What channel lies between Britain and the continent of Europe?.       (the  English  Channel).

             4.What are the largest  islands of the British Isles?          (Great Britain and Ireland).

              5.What mountains are there in England?               (the  Penning  Chain).

             6.What mountains  are  there  in  Scotland?                    (the   Grampians ).

             7.Why  do British people often talk  about the weather?           (it is  changeable)

            8.Who lived  in Sherwood Forest?

                                 (according to the legend, Robin Hood and  his  Merry  Men  lived  there)




Leader2:  Ok, the team ‘’Rose’’  continue please.

                 1.What mountains are there in Wales?       (the Cambrian  mountain).

                 2.What is the highest  peak in Wales?         (the   Snow down).

                 3.How is the  northern  part of   Scotland  called?         (the  Highlands).

                4.How is the southern part  of  Scotland called?        (the Lowlands).

                5.What is  the  longest  river in Britain?              (the Severn).

                6.What  is the most famous forest in England?       (Sherwood Forest).

                7.What is  Loch Ness  famous  for?          (For its  legend  about the monster)

                8.What is the best  and  driest  season in  Britain?               (spring)

Leader1: Ok. The next  round is ‘’Who is the  best? ’’There are given 12 questions about  Places of 

               Interest   and  Political system.

Leader2:If the  number of the  questions will be  grower ,they will be more difficult.

               Now, pay attention, please. Who can begin? Please  you………?    


What is  Big Ben?

(The bell of the

Clock on the

Houses of parliament)




Where are  famous  people of Great  Britain buried?

(In West -minister abbey)


What place is it?



What can you say about this place?


What park is this?


(Regent park)

What is situated  there?



Where is the official residents of the Queen.



What other homes do you know


Where does Prime Minister live?

(at Downing street)


What is the head of the state?

(the Queen)


When did Princess Elizabeth II

come to throne?



Where are laws made in GB?

(In Westminster Palace)


What are the British Parliament?

(the  House of Lords and the House of Commons)


What are the  two main political parties in GB?

(the  conservative,


labor party)


Who is this?


(David Cameron)



Leader2: Ok. The next round is ‘’It’s  more  interesting  to know’’

                The  captains  will  tell  us   about  the  famous  people:1.W.Shakespear.

                                                                                                        2.Royal Family

Leader1:Ok the captain of  ‘’Daffodil’’ begin  please .You have to tell us about the Royal Family……

             Well done  the captain of ‘’ Rose’’  continue please, you have to tell us about

              W. Shakespeare.


Leader2:Ok.the  last  round  is  ‘’Relax’’.

Leader 1: Ok, Good. Now, dear  students, tell us  shortly about  what you  have  learnt  from this lesson

                 and  what would  like to know?

             Please who can tell us?…………………..

                Who else?……………………

Leader2: Now, we  came  at  the  and  of  our  lesson.

Leader1: Jury  will  tell  us  the  score  of  the  competition.……………….

                Dear guests and teachers!

                Our competition is over!

Leader2: Thank you for your attention. We hope that you get some interesting information about the  

               United Kingdom of Great Britain and  Northern  Ireland.

               Good-luck for everybody!

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