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« The little Fairy-Home»

Қарағанды облысы, Қарқаралы ауданы, Жарлы ауылы
№9 орта мектебінің ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі
Искакова Гаухар Сайлаубековна

Тақырыбы: « The little Fairy-Home» музыкалық қуыршықтар театр қойлымы
: It’s a little fairy-home. A cat runs to the home. The Cat has no father, no mother, no house and no friends. He is very unhappy. One day he went for a walk and came to a beautiful little house in the forest

Cat: Who lives in this fairy-home? Tock, tock, tock.

Narrator:               Who’s that ringing at doorbell?
A little pussy-cat that is very well.
Rub its little nose with a little  fat.
That’s the best cure fore a pussy-cat.

Cat: Nobody! Now I can live in it. I’m happy! /sing a song/

Narrator: Now, see, the grey mouse is coming.

Mouse:             I’m a brave mouse, brave mouse

I go marching round the house

And I’m not afraid of anything.

For danger I’m prepared,

And I’m never scared.

No, I’m not afraid of anything.

What a nice house! It is very nice! It is very small! It is not big. Tock, tock, tock. Who lives in the house?

Cat:  I’m a cat.


Little mouse, little mouse!

Where is your house?

Mouse: Little cat, little cat!

I haven’t got a flat.

I am a poor mouse

I haven’t got a house.

Cat:    Little mouse, little mouse!

Come into my house!


-What can you do?

Mouse: I can tell you a tongue-twister.

Pussy-cat, Pussy-cat,

Can you catch

That big, fat rat?

If you catch that big, fat rat

You will have some milk for that.

Cat: Let’s live together in the house.

Narrator: So the mouse and the Cat live together. They like to eat much and  to sing a song.

Every frog must croak

That is no joke

Agile is the lowly frog

Eating insects, mosquitoes agog

A Frog runs to a home.


How it is fine to walk. Yes to walk , yes to walk
I am a little, little frog
I am a frog. I am a frog

It is a nice little house. Who lives in the house?

Mouse: Good morning. Who are you?

Green Frog: I am a Green Frog! And who are you?

Cat: I’m a cat.

Mouse: I am a little mouse! What can you do?

Green Frog: I can jump and sing. May I live with you?

Cat and Mouse: Sing a song, please!

Green Frog:

I am  singing

I am  drawing

I am  doing what I like

I like walking in the forest

And I  like to play with Mike           

Cat and Mouse: Glad to see you. Come in. Let’s live together in the house.

Narrator:               This little rabbit has two pink eyes.

This little rabbit is very wise.

This little rabbit is soft as silk.
This little rabbit is white as milk.

Rabbit: It is a nice house. Who lives in the house?

Cat: I am a cat.

 Mouse: I live in the house. I am a grey mouse.

Frog: I am a frog and who are you?

Rabbit: I am a rabbit. I am clever. I am not ugly. I am pretty. I am small. Let me live with you!

Animals: What can you do?

Rabbit: I’ve got a magic mirror. Look!

Mouse: I’ve got blue eyes. I’ve got a long tail. I’m beautiful.

Frog: I’ve got a little nose. I’ve got a red mouth. I’m beautiful.

Cat: I’ve got a tail. I’ve got little ears. I’m beautiful.

Narrator: The frog and the mouse, a cat like to play together. And here is the hen coming.

Hen:        Cock-a-doodle-doo! What a nice house!

Cock-a-doodle-doo! How do you do?

Who are you? Who lives in the house?

Frog,  Mouse, Cat:

I am a little mouse I live in the house

I am a rabbit.
I am a frog, who likes to walk
I am a cat  who likes a rat. And who are you?

Hen: I am a hen.

I have little chickens.

The prettiest ever seen.

They washed up the dishes,

And kept the house clean
Let us live in your house.

Frog, Mouse, Cat: What can you do?

Hen: I can sing.

 “Little chickens”

You will grow very quickly,

 As a white beautiful hen,

Oh, my little chickens2

 Shak, shak little chickens2

 Fine wool of little chickens

 Low sounds of little chickens. Shak, shak.

Narrator: So the mouse and the Green Frog, and The Rabbit, The Cat live together. They eat much, work much and then they sing a song.

Now see Snake is coming.

Snake: What can I see? What a nice house! It is very nice!  Tock, tock, tock. Who lives in the house?

Cat: I am a cat.

Mouse: I am a little mouse.
Frog: I am a frog, who likes to walk.

Rabbit: I am a rabbit.
Hen: I am a hen with my chickens and who are you?

 Snake: I am a snake. May I come in?

Mouse: What can you do?

 Snake: I can count.

How will you count to two?                    Count to nine

Count to three just like me:                      That is fine!

One, two, three!                                     And we then

Count to eight,                                       Count to ten.

Don’ be late!

And a cat, a mouse, a hen, a rabbit, a hen:

Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello
I am a frog, I am a hen,

I am a rabbit, I am a cat.

I am a mouse
We like to live in our house.

Narrator: Look! Red fox is coming up!

Fox: /Singing a song “Alouette”/ Such a fine little house. How do you do, my dear friends? Who are you?

Mouse and frog, hen, rabbit, snake,: And who are you?

Fox: I am a fox I like to play. Let me in your house stay.

Cat, Mouse, Frog, Hen, Rabbit, Snake: Oh, no, no! You are a bad fox! You want to eat us? Go away? (The fox runs away)

Narrator: And Cat, Mouse, Frog, Hen, Rabbit, Snake live together happily.

A song

There are rabbits and foxes

And green frog.

Snakes and mice and funny cat.

And lots more animals live in the wood.

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