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МКҚК «Ж.Мусин атындағы (қазақ тілінде оқытылатын) педагогикалық колледжі» Көкшетау қаласы


І Total physical response

1.1 Asher’s new approach

TPR is based on the premise that the human brain has a biological program for acquiring any natural language on earth. The process is visible when we observe how infants internalize their first language. With acquisition as the main focus in

second language learning, TPR was developed in 1974, and continues to be used in the language classroom. It is focused on comprehension development before speaking; besides, it states that speech will emerge naturally as students

internalize the language that is being spoken. This method combines information and skills through the use of the kinesthetic sensory system. As a result, this success leads to a high degree of motivation.

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