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Юсупова Лайла Сайдахметовна


Unit : Hobbies and qualities

Date: Teacher name
Grade: 9 Number present: Number absent:
Theme of the lesson: Hobbies and qualities
Learning objectives 9.C8 develop intercultural awareness through reading and discussion

9.S3 explain and justify their own point of view on a range of general and curricular topics

9.S7 use appropriate subject-specific vocabulary and syntax to talk about a wide increased range of general and curricular topics

9.R2 understand specific information and detail in texts on a range of familiar general and curricular topics, including some extended texts

Lesson objectives All learners will be able to:

Recognize and use vocabulary to do with humour.

Identify the meaning of the text about the British sense of humour.

Prepare and perform a comedy sketch.

Most learners will be able to:

Analyze a text about the British sense of humour.

Some learners will be able to:

Express their ideas about sense of humour in KZ building extended sentences.

Criteria Raise awareness about cultural diversity through reading and discussion.

Provide a point of view in conversations and discussions.

Apply topic related vocabulary in speech appropriately arranging words and phrases into well-formed sentences.

Identify particular information and details in reading passage.

Descriptor. A learner:

recalls some events based on his/her own experience.

presents his/her information to the class.

uses appropriate subject-specific vocabulary while speaking.

finds necessary information in the text and completes the task.

Planned timings Planned activities (replace the notes below with your planned activities) Resources

5 min

Org. moment


The teacher sets the lesson objectives, letting students know what to anticipate from the lesson.

Warm up.

With books closed, ask SS what makes them laugh. Elicit ideas about films, books, TV programmes, etc. and encourage SS to express their opinions.

Ask SS if they know the character Mr. Bean. Ask: Do you find him funny?


30 min

Ex.1 p.17. Presenting new words. Definition. Activating vocabulary. Text completion.

Ex.2 p.17. Focus listening.

Ex.3 p.17. Answering questions.

Ex.4 p.17. Discussion task (expressing opinion).

Ex.5 p.17. Role-play.


Describe a famous sport in Kazakhstan. Write 150-180 words. Think about these questions before you write.

What sport it is

Is it well developed in your country

Who play this sport

Why this sport is the most popular sport in your country





Video and images

Handouts with task

CD 1.13


5 min


At the end of the lesson, students reflect on:

— what they learned

— what remained unclear for them

— what they need to continue working on by the «Traffic lights»

Hometask: WB p.12



Know Want to know Learnt

Saying goodbye

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