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My lovely season

They are four seasons in a year; winter, spring, summer and autumn. All seasons are good in their own way. Winter for example , is full of celebrations, presents and snow. Spring is the time of nature awakening and flower blooming. Autumn can be rainy and yet beautiful, full of multi- coloured leaves.

However, my favourite season in summer. I choose summer not only because my birthday is in July , but also because it’s the time of holidays. Summer is the season when the sun shines brightly, the sky is rarely cloudy and the water in the sea becomes warm enough to swim. Even if it becomes too hot , you can always go for a walk in the shady woods. I also like summer because there are many berries, fruit and vegetables, not to mention numerous flowers on the fields. Among them roses , dandelions, daisies and other flowers. Sometimes the air in summer becomes stuffy, but occasional thunderstorms bring relief. After the thunderstorms the air becomes remarkably fresh and very often we can see the rainbow in the sky. Summer is also the time when I and my family go on holiday to the seaside. It’s a wonderful time, when we can have a rest from the intense academic year and relax. I think all children love summer because of long school holidays and I’m no exception. I also enjoy my free time, playing with my friends, watching TV and doing other fun activities. Nevertheless, I don’t forget to do some useful reading from time to time.

One of the main reasons for that is of course summer holidays which last for three months. It’s the longest period of time during the year when people can do whatever they like. Some of them prefer to spend time away from the city in their country houses. Both adults and kids enjoy summer time, because if offers the longest holidays Besides, it is father sunny and warm in our region at this time of the year so we enjoy the sea and the sun. Indeed, the best place to be in summer is the beach. That’s exactly where my family and I go every year during the summer holiday. In June of this year I had a rest in the sports training camp. The time I spent there was very interesting and joyous. I made new friends and learnt much. Others choose to spend most of their summer ay the seaside or travelling. Any of these holiday plans are suitable for me. This summer was full of new adventures and impressions. My parents choose the city, book the hotel, buy the tickets and off we go. I associate summer with friends, long walks in the park, cycling and of course spending time with my family. One of my favourite pastimes is swimming in the sea. There sea several open-air and indoor pools in our city. But I prefer the sea water, as it is full of useful minerals and chemical elements.

Is summer all students have holidays . They go to the sea, rest there and gain strength for a new academic year. This summer I have been to the seaside. I was admired how changeable the sea was! In a minute it could change it’s colour; from limpid- blue up to dirty- brown. But nevertheless it was fine! I would like to come back here again and again!

I like summer because I can see very often the rainbow. And the summer it self is the real rainbow of colours.

The bright sunshine warms the Earth. When the heat is oppressive, it is a treat to get out of town and have a walk in the woods.

The fields are green. In summer nature surrounds us with all kids of flowers: merry dandelions, beautiful roses, shy daisies.

Sometimes the weather becomes too not in summer and the air gets stuffy. Then a thunders torm usually brings relief. The sky is suddenly covered with dark clouds and distant rolls of thunder are heard. Later bright flashes of lightning are followed by claps of thunder and it begins to rain. After the thunderstorm the air is remark kably fresh and very often we can see a beautiful bridge across the sky which is called a rainbow.

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