The Kazakh famous scientist

School: №10, Aktau, Mangystau region.

Teacher name: Kulbayeva Asemgul

Class: 4 e

Date : 16.02.18

Theme: The Kazakh famous scientist
The aims of the lesson:
— to practice reading and the new vocabulary
— to practice listening intensively

  • to use the Past Simple of Irregular verbs
  • to meet with Kazakh scientist Kanysh Satpaev.

Procedure of the lesson.

I. Organization moment.

T: Good morning, pupils!
Sit down, please.

T: Who is on duty today?

Who is absent today?

What date is it today?
What day is it today?
T: Thank you, sit down please.

II. Checking homework.
T: Now let’s check up your homework.
What was your home task for today?

III. Phonetic drill.

Let’s spend phonetic drill.

The letter w gives the sound [w]
Why do you cry Willy?
Why do you cry?
Why Willy? Why Willy?
Why Willy, Why?

IV. New lesson.

Today’s our new theme is “The Kazakh famous Scientist”

Now open your copybooks and write today’ s date, theme and new words.
Study – [ˈstʌdi ]- обучение

become – [ bɪˈkʌm ]- стать

produce – [ prəˈdjuːs ] – производить

scientist- [ˈsaɪəntɪst ]- ученный

mining – [ˈmaɪ.nɪŋ ] – горнодобывающий

engineer – [ˌendʒɪˈnɪə(r) ] – инженер

coin- [ kɔɪn ] — монета

Form of the Pat Simple.

Regular Verb Irregular Verb

We add –d, -ed They’ve special forms in the past
For example; like-liked For example: eat- ate, speak- spoke

Ex- 3a, p 41,p.b. Read and listen.

Kanysh Satpaev was a famous Kazakh scientist. He was born in 1899 in Bayanaul, Pavlodar.

When he was ten, Kanysh Satpaev went at a Kazakh-Russian school and then we went to a teacher’s college.

He worked as a teacher from 1928 – 1919.

Then he studied mining and in 1916 he became the first Kazakh mining engineer. For the next20 years he
worked very hard with great success and in 1946 he started the Kazak academy of Science.
Kanysh Satpaev died in 1964. In 1999 The Republic of Kazakhstan produced a special coins with his name on it.
The republic also named a planet, a town, and mountain after him . The Kazakh people will not forgive his name.

Ex- 3b. Write the missing words.

  1. Kanysh Satpaev was born in Bayanaul (1899)
  2. He went to Russian- Kazakh school (1909)
  • He worked as a teacher (1918)

  • He studied mining (1921)

  • He become the first Kazakh mining engineer (1926)

  • He started the Kazakh Academy of sciences.
  • Kanysh Satpaev died (1964)

  • The republic of Kazakhstan produced a special coin (1999)

  • Task – 1.

    1. Polly’s mother (bake) cookies for her. 2.It (be) chocolate cookies. 3. Polly (like) chocolate cookies vey much.

    4.Thr cookies (be) very delicious. 5. She also (be) those cookies to her school. 6. His friends (taste) the cookies

    and 7Like) them very much. 8. Polly’s friend Dorothy (ask) her to get more cookies for the next day.

    V. Physical exercise.
    Stand up and look around,

    Shake your head and turn around

    Stamp your feet upon the ground

    Clap hands and then sit down

    Stand up and look around,

    Make a bow and turn around

    Stamp your feet upon the ground

    Clap hands and then sit down

    VI. Giving the home task.
    T: to the next lesson to learn new words.

    VII. Conclusion.

    T: The lesson is over good-bye!

    The Kazakh famous scientist.docx
    The Kazakh famous scientist.pptx


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