The theme: My family

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Оқушылар үйінің ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі
Артықбаева Асемгуль Жақсыбекқызы

The teacher of the English language:


The theme:
My family
The aims of the lesson: a)To checks and form knowledge of the words of the theme “My family”;
b) to develop skills of oral speech and writing;
c)To teach children to be proud of the family; to respect each other; to develop interest.
The type of the lesson: mixed lesson.

The kind of the lesson: demonstrative lesson.
Visual aids: slides, pictures, an interactive board.

The procedure of the lesson

I. Organization moment: T:Good afternoon, pupils! Glad to see you again, dear pupils! How are you? Nice day, isn’t it? What day is it today? ……. At the lesson we’ll revise our theme “My family”. We’ll talk about family. Let’s start our lesson with our warm-up activities. OK. You know some poems about members of the family. Now our phonetic – drills. I want to start reciting these poems.

II. Phonetic – drills Stand up! Hands up

Hands down! Hands on the heads!

Hands on the shoulders!

Hands on the hips! Hands down!

Thank you, sit down!

Ш.Thank you I know everybody of you like playing. And now let’s play a bit.Let’s check your hometask.

Ex10, p33. Count and say.

14-6 = 20-9 = 13-5 = 16-4 =

11-4 = 15-3 = 18-7 = 17-7 =

19-8 = 16+8= 16+5= 12+5=

16+4= 20+15= 22+5=

Look at the blackboard. You can see a task there. You should look and match the picture with the words.

IV.Ok. You have done it well. But we have got another task. Please, look. You should find the hidden words.

V.It’s great. You are so clever. But can you help me? You should write these words. Let’s check.

VI.The task 1. Look at the blackboard. You can see some words on the blackboard. Find the mistakes in the words and correct them, please. Write the words on the blackboard correctly. VII. My dear friends, you are good at English. And I have prepared a crossword for you. Find the words who are these people?

VIII. Very good of you now we have chance to work with the text. You’ll read the text. And then you’ll answer the questions.Dialog

  • Have you got a family?

  • Yes, I have got family.

  • Is your family big?

  • Yes, my family is big.

  • Have you got grandparents?

  • Yes, I have got grandparents.

  • What is your father`s name?

  • His name is Assylbek.

  • What is your mother?

  • My mother is a doctor.

  • How many brothers and sisters have you got?

  • I`ve got two brothers and one sisters.

  • How many aunts and uncles have you got?

  • I`ve got two aunts and one uncle.

  • X. Conclusion.

My father’s mother is my … brother

My mother’s father is my … daughter

My father’s daughter is my … grandmother

My mother’s son is my … aunt

My brother is my father’s … uncle

My sister is my mother’s … grandfather

My father’s sister is my … sister

My mother’s brother is my … son

XI. Giving home task. Your home task will be to learn new words and to bring a group picture of your family. XII. Giving marks.So, today we have reviewed the theme “My family. You have done. You work well. It was interesting to know about your families. Thank you for the lesson Good-bye.


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