Theme of the lesson: In the world of books

БҚО, Орал қаласы М.Маметова атындағы

№27 физика-математика бағытындағы мектеп-лицей

ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі

Танзенова Гулмира Нурлановна

Theme of the lesson: In the world of books School: 27
Date: 30.01.2018 Teacher name: Tanzenova G.N
Grade: 5 “A” Number present: 12 absent:
Learning objectives(s) that this lesson is contributing to 5.R4 read with some support a limited range of short fiction and non-fiction texts

5.W7 use with some support appropriate layout at text level for a limited range of written genres on familiar general topics and some curricular topics

Lessonobjectives All learners will be able to:
To define genres of books;

To tell the difference between books that are fiction and nonfiction;

To read the text, identify text ideas;

Most learners will be able to:
  • To read the text without support
  • Answer the questions according to the text;
Some learners will be able to:

To define genres of books;

  • To read the story without support
  • Answer the questions according to the text;

Make a project work and represent it;

Languageobjectives Use vocabulary from the story to answer the questions
Valuelinks Respect for self and others, academic honesty, Cooperation
Crosscurricularlinkslink Literature
ICT skills Projector or Smart board for presenting pictures
Previouslearning Creativity
Plannedtimings Plannedactivities Resources





Warm up:

In order to create friendly atmosphere in class Teacher asks Students to make a circle and sing a song. (W)

  • Watching a video about books. Students try to guess theme of the lesson.

Teacher asks students some questions related to the theme.

Students answer the questions.(W)

  • Setting the aims of the lesson

Every week we read a lot of books. Some of the books that you read are fiction and some are nonfiction. It is an important for you to know the difference between these two terms or genres.What isa genre?

  • Genre is kind of book, for example fantasy, fairy – tale, legends, mystery, biography, poetry all these terms are genres of books. To define difference between fiction and nonfiction books let’s watch a video.

After watching the video students take a task from the bag and read the definition or sentence and name the genre

Group work

Students divided into 2 groups and are working on the given text.

  • Reading skills:

Learners start reading short stories after reading students discuss the text and identify genre of the text.

1st group “The Amasing Woodpecker”, (I,G)

2nd group “The Lion and the Mouse” (I,G)

Project work

Each group will give different pictures of books and literatures. The task is to sort pictures into two genres fiction and nonfiction then to write an explanation of two genres. After finishing students have to present their project work.

Differentiation: More motivated learners sit individually and read the story with no Teacher support. Less motivated learners make a circle and read the text with teacher together.

Scaffolding: Learners have a vocabulary/pictionary of unknown words.

PPP (1 slide)

PPP (2 slide)

Appendix 1

Appendix 2

20-35 After reading: Teacher distributes short story quiz templates to each Student. They need to make questions on the short story and swap them with their classmates in order to answer them.

Peer assessment: Once Learners finished the task they swap their cards in order to assess each other.

Assessment criteria:

Student answers to questions correctly

-Student justifies his/her answers by showing the number of the page

Appendix 3

PPP (slide 3)



  • Teacher encourages Learners to reflect on the lesson
  • Group evaluation:
  • Teacher asks learners to assess group work using three different smiles.
  • Assessment yourself
  • Teacher asks learners to assess themself choosing their fingers.