Sport in our life ( Cпортбіздіңөмірімізде)

Астана қаласы №68 орта мектептің ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі Елубаева Бахыткуль Бейсенбековна

5сыныбы Пән: Ағылшынтілі B.Elubaeva School № 68
/Сабақтыңтақырыбы: Sport in our life ( Cпортбіздіңөмірімізде)
Сабақтыңмақсаты: Training reading and speaking drills doing different tasks.

Talking and asking about the sport in Kazakhstan

To develop the knowledge of pupils reading and speaking skills.

Күтілетіннәтиже Оқушыларсөздікпенжұмысжасайалады,ағылшынша спорт туралыайтаалады.
Әдіс6 тәсілдер Топтық, жеке, ұжымдықжұмыс,сұрақ-жауап, іздену ,
Дереккөздері Оқулық,жоспар,бағдарламалар
Қажеттіқұралдар Суреттер, Флипчарт, стикер,т.б.
Кезеңдері: Teacher,s actions
Ұйымдастырукезеңі : I.Org moment: -Good morning pupils!

-Who is on duty today?

-Who is absent today?

-What day is it today?

-What’s the weather like today?

-What season is it now?

II. New theme: Today we’ll have new theme. At first we must divete into 2 group.Give stickers please. Look at the interactive board. Look at the video. (видеокөрсету). What about this video? Yes all right this video about sport.What kind of sport do you know?

Sport is an important part of our life First of all, sport builds character. It teaches to win. It makes you strong fast besides it teaches you about life and it is a good you to meet people even from countries. Butyoumust a goodsportsmanforthat.

Үйтапсырмасынтексеру: What was your homework for today?

Are you ready , pupils?

Then, let’s begin. Whowantsfirst?

Жаңасабақ Guess the sports words and Work with the new words:

new words

1.B … …n

S… …m

F… …l

H… …y

What do you call a person who: a) swims b) plays football с) does gymnastics
d) plays hockey e) does the high jump f) plays tennis
g) goes cycling h) does sports

Жаңасабақы түсіну



1.Work with text Sport

2.put the names of sport from the text into the correct column

  1. Indoorgame Outdoorgame both

    Work in pair “do you agree and don’t you agree?”

  2. Work in group answer the questions Ex.5 p126
  3. Karaoke time Sing a song (4 min)
    s time to have a rest! Standup, please!
  4. Grammar Past Simple Tense to be
  5. Complete the gaps with was, wasn’t,weren’t ,couldn’t
  6. Make up a dialogue you can use places (at the concert, in the circus, in the sports centre)
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