Астана қаласы
№68 орта мектептің ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі
Елубаева Бахыткуль Бейсенбековна

Theme: Betterorworse? School: № 68
Date: 25.01.2017 Teacher name: Elubaeva B.B.
Class: 4 Numberpresents: Absent:
  1. to introduce “Better or worse”;
  2. to improve the student’s vocabulary in speaking, writing and reading skills being able;
  3. to bring up the student’s respect to foreign languages.
Lessonobjectives: All learners will be able to:

  • pronouncewordswithsupport
  • readandunderstandthetext

Most learners will be able to:

  • recognize and name some words according to the topic

Some learners will be able to:

  • ask and answer the different questions
  • name and use most of the words of sightseeing
Plannedtimings Plannedactivities Resources

2 min.

2 min.

4 min.

2 min.

  1. Organizationmoment
  1. Greeting:
  • Goodafternoon, children!
  • Sitdown, please!
  • Howareyou?
  • Are you ready for the lesson?
  1. Reportonduties:
  1. Warmupactivity:

Brainstorming: “The circle of Joy!”

Now children, we’ll begin our today’s lesson with the best wishes to each other.

Makhambet, begin please!

Student 1: — I wish you sunny days!

Student 2: — I wish you success!

Student 3: — Have a nice day!

Student 4: — Have a beautiful day!

  1. Checking up the home task:
  • What was your home task for today?
  • Whathaveyoudone?

● TospeakaboutKazakhstan

To divide class into three groups:

1st group – “City”

2nd group – “Town”

3rd group – “Village”

A tape,


Textbook, board, topical pictures, slides.



3 min.

4 min.

3 min.

6 min.

3 min.

3 min.

2 min.

Speaking about English sounds.

We usually don’t pronounce [r] at the end of the words, e.g.: there [ðeə], here [hiə].

But when there is another wor after it which starts with a vowel, we pronounce [r]. e.g.: there are [ðeərə]

Exercise 1. Read correctly

there are [ðeərə] there is [ðeəriz]

where are[weərə] where is [weəriz]

here it [hiərit] are at [α:rət]

Exercise 2. Read the text.

It’s Sunday today. Where are we on Sunday morning? We are at home. We are in the kitchen. We are at the table. We are having breakfast together. There is a lot of food on the table. There is some toast with jam. There is a jar of juice. There are apples and bananas.

  • Mum, can I have some juice, please?
  • Hereyouare.
  • Thanks.

Exercise 3. Describe the pictures using there is/there are.


  1. There is some soup in the plate.
  2. There is some salad in the plate.
  3. There is a pizza in the picture.
  4. There is some milk in the jug.
  5. Thereis a sandwich.
  6. Therearethreetomatoes.
  7. Therearetwopickles.
  8. There is some water on the glass.

Exercise 4. Look at the pictures and answer. Thenlistenandread.

  • Do you know the city in the pictures?
  • Can you guess its name?

Track 44.

Look at the pictures. Do you know this city? It’s Almaty. But many years ago its name was Verniy. In 1860 Verniy was not a big town. It was like a small village. The buildings were small. They were wooden. There weren’t any car’s and buses in the town. There was a hospital, a post office and a mill there. 5000 people lived there. It was a good small town.

Today Almaty is bigger than it was in 1860. There are lots of cars, buses and people. Almaty is busier and noisier now. Old Verniy was quieter than Almaty today.

But what is better: a small town or a big city?

Reading check.

Exercise 5.Read again and choose.


Many years ago Almaty’s name was Verniy.

In 1860 Verniy was like a small village.

There weren’t any car’s and buses in the town.

There was a hospital there.

Today Almaty is bigger than it was in 1860.

Old Verniy was quieter than Almaty now.

Exercise 7. Discuss these statements. Give your reasons why.


The first group thinks that a small town is better than a big city because a small town is quieter than a big city.

The second group thinks that a big city is better than a small town because a big city is industrial and noisy than a small town.

Exercise 8. Makesentences.


  1. Building 2 is newer than Building 1.
  2. Moscow is colder than Kyzylorda.
  3. Picture 2 is better than picture 1.
  4. Street 1 is busier than Street 2.




CD 1. Track 44.


2 min.

3 min.

4 min.

2 min.

Feedback. Working with the Workbook.

Exercise 1. Complete the table.






















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