Astana – The Capital of Kazakhstan

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Атырау қаласы Н.Тілендиев атындағы Кіші өнер академиясы
ағылшын тілі пәнінің мұғалімі
Салина Айнаш Кадировна

Form: 8 «е» Date:
Тheme: Astana – The Capital of Kazakhstan.
Aims: The introduction of new words on the topic. Chapter lexical units in operation and there is there are of the structure of the training. To describe the students illustrations which based on the use of short answer and should be able to ask for information about something or learn to speak. Improvement of monologues and dialogues languages. The writing of the letters of the English language spellings and correct value.
Types of the lesson: ICT, talented and gifted education of children, new approaches to teaching and training of students by age, education and training, management and leadership training
Expected results To establish of topic of pupils, to be able to establish a dialogue with the full knowledge of the English language, and the ability to work well in a group, talk about the sights of the capital.
Visual aids: A3 format, markers, handout cards, stickers, book of English. 8 th grade. T. Kuznetsova, A. P.Kozlov Golovchun. Edition: «School» 2016
The way of the lesson The teacher’s actions Student actions
Organization moment:

Warm-up activity:

· • Greetings

— Good morning!

· • interview with the pupil on duty

— Who is on duty today?

— Who is absent today?

— What date is it today?

— What day of the week is it today?

— What season is it now?

— What month is it now?

— What is the weather like today?

1. Distribution group, the group members.

Empire state Baiterek drawings of buildings and construction clipping. Students are also in compliance with the details of the image.

· Good morning!

· Duty student will answer questions

· — I am on duty today.

— …

— The …th of ….

— It is …

— It is …

— It is….

-It is …


· everyone from elected members of the group will be divided into groups with the help of image clipping.

2. Check homework

-What was your home task for today?

-Let’s check up your home task.

-Who wants to read?

3. To repeat the achievement.

-Now let’s revise our words.

-What is it?

-What is the weather like in it?

Formative assessment (of the group of students who answer correctly will be given the names of the recorded images of the plane)Thank you, you know all words and you are very clever.

Given to two groups of students on the interactive whiteboard climate applications and then read the correct words.

That is, on the topic mentioned in the previous lesson adjective and adverb suffixes who finalized.

Main part of the lesson: 1.Explain the purpose of the new lesson.

–Today we will take the new theme. All of you open your books and write down today’s date and theme. Today’s our theme is “Astana – The Capital of Kazakhstan”. At our lesson we will take the new words and speak about Astana. At the end of our lesson you will be able to describe all information about Astana.

2. Phrasebook. Textbook readers.- Now let’s read the poem “My Motherland, My Kazakhstan”. All of you look at the book and listen to me. I’ll read the poem once more.

Formative assessment (students studied aircraft)Thank you, take plane, please

3. Now let’s work in groups and answer the questions.

Formative assessment (for each correct answer will be given plane)

4. I want to know more … (video on Astana students). Presentation of information out of the textbooks.

5. Refreshment for the moment.Are you tired? Let’s have a rest.All of you look at the screen. Dance and sing a song “If you happy”.

Students will get acquainted with the new order of the lesson. Day memory, recording a new lesson.

Students listen to the pronunciation new words of the teacher, then repeats, they will figure a song.

Students who read out the text will answer questions submitted through a hyperlink on the interactive whiteboard.

In this section, students will learn additional details outside the class books.

Students stood up and repeated efforts beynejazbadağı.

Conclusion: 1. Group.

Let’s go on our lesson. Now work in groups and make a questions for the classmates of other group. Present your group work.

2. just ahead ! Step by step!

Students prepared questions to each other, setting the proper supervision.

3. Integrated assessment.

Now children count your points and mark yourselves.

10-12 “5”

9-7 “4”

4-6 “3”

Students makes questions for the students of other group.

Children’s group, describes under the name of their group.

One student from each group and group work. Each correct answer is one step forward every time.

The images of plane collected during a lesson children to calculate their estimates.Approved by the board airplanes hovering over the card with the names of the cities of Kazakhstan.

Home task: Write an essay about capital of Kazakhstan Write an essey about Astana with the involvement of the details of the proposals received during a lesson.
Analyze of the lesson: What did you learn today’s lesson each of us? Are weachieved toexpected results of the beginning of the lesson this goal? Will answer questions from the children’s feedback.

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