In the village

Ақтөбе облысы, Қурайлы ауылы
Елек орта мектебінің ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі
Жармағанбетова Қымбат Қаламбекқызы

The theme of the lesson: In the village

Aims: — To enlarge the student`s knowledge on the theme ‘In the village’’;

-to develop their skills on reading, speaking, writing and listening;

-to enrich their word- stock using the new words;

-to do exercises using the grammar “I like+V+ing”

The procedure

I. Organization moment.

T: Good afternoon, pupils!

Ch: Good afternoon, teacher!

T: I`m glad to see you!

Ch: We are glad to see you too!

T: How are you?

Ch: Fine thanks. And you?

T: I`m OK, thank you. Tell me please, what day is it today? What date is it today?

II. Checking up the hometask

Are you ready for today`s lesson?

Now, let`s check. Who will begin?

III. Phonetic drill.

Look at the board, what letter do you see there? Yes, right you are. This is letter Rr.

We pronounce it as a sound [r].

Rr [r]

IY. New lesson.

Today we`ll have a new theme which is called “In the village”.

Now look at the board, what do you see?

New words:

A sheep — қой

A duck — үйрек

A chicken — тауық, балапан

A village — ауыл

A cow — сиыр

Grandparents — ата-әже

To feed — тамақтандыру

To help – көмектесу

Now, repeat after me the new words and then write into your vocabulary notes.

Y.Сергіту сәті

Oliver, Oliver, Oliver Twist,

Look at me and do like this.

One, two – look at your shoe.

Three, four –look at the floor.

Five, six – pick up the sticks.

Seven, eight – stand up straight.

Nine, ten – let`s play then.

YI. Grammar

I like + V + ing

I like playing football.

I like going to the theatre.

I like drawing and painting.

Exercise 2, p 49

I like swimming in the river. I like playing tag with my friends.

I like feeding my sheep. I like reading books.

A game «Әрекетті дауыстап сипатта»

I like….

Play computer games, watch TV, play football,

skate, read, draw, paint, cook, jump, swim, sing, dance.

YII. Listen and sing.

YIII. Doing exercises.

Workbook exercises : Exercise 1, p 42

Exercise 2, p 42.

IX. Giving the hometask.

Your hometask will be: Exercise 4, p 42.

X. Evaluation.

Your marks will be:

Then, good bye, children. See you soon!

In the village.pptx

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