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Astana city — is the capital of Republic of Kazakhstan

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Astana city — is the capital of Republic of Kazakhstan

Astana is a beautiful modern city. The author of the Master Plan of Astana is the famous Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa. There are a lot of modern futuristic buildings, skyscrapers and monuments. “Baiterek” memorial is the symbol of Astana; it is also the geographical centre of all Eurasia.Astana city is the capital of Republic of Kazakhstan.

On 10 th December in 1997 the city was named to Akmola and pronounced as the capital of Republic of Kazakhstan. Next year on May 6 of 1998 it was renamed to Astana. Today Astana is an important industrial and cultural center of Kazakhstan, railway and auto-transport junction.

As Astana is the capital of the country there are government buildings and the residence of the president. It was founded in 1844 as military base, in 1868 Astana obtained the status of the town, and in 1950s of 20 century it became a leading center of development of under covered and disused lands in the north of the Republic Kazakhstan. The main industries of Altana were represented by agrimechanical engineering, food industry, refining of the agricultural raw material, and transport. In the earlier times it used to be the fortification found by the Russian Kazakhstani troops in 1830 on the bank of the Ishim river in Karaotkel natural boundary.
Akmolinsk was given the status of a town in 1862. In the past it was famous for its fairs. Merchants from different regions of Kazakhstan, Russia and other Central Asian countries used to gather there and display their goods. As the development of virgin lands of Kazakhstan began, the town was then renamed to Tselinograd and classified to be the administrative center of an agricultural region.

At present time you can visit many administrative objects, business and entertainment centers in Astana. For example «Bajterek» tower which became a symbol and the capital card. The construction height is 105 metres. From viewing platform of 97 metres you can see the picturesque panorama of a modern city. Figure 97 is not casual, it symbolises year of carrying over of capital from Almaty to Astana. Among the other popular place is Duman entertainment complex.

It is the place for public recreation where you can visit the large oceanarium ,3D movie theater, a movie theater, area for slot machines and other interactive games, bowling, a modern night club, casino, beautiful hotel, many cafes and restaurants and indoor aquapark.
Among other attractions of Astana is the ethnopark called «Map of Kazakhstan — Atameken» presenting a unique outdoor museum. The unique map area of 1.7 hectares featuring different cities and historical memorials of Kazakhstan.

Recently there was opened the Independence Palace where you can see the multipurpose hall on 4,5 thousand places. Impresses the ethnographic hall, its exhibits can tell you about a life and traditions of the Kazakh people. You should visit «Astana» museum in this Palace, art gallery, 4D cinema with special effects, the General layout of building of a city Astana.

The climate in region differs by the long snow winters. The average temperature in January reaches from -14 ° C to 18 ° C rarely fall to-40 ° C. Late spring, but very picturesque. Usually the spring comes in the end of March. At this time the steppe looks especially beautifully, plains become covered by irises and tulips. Summer in Astana moderately hot, often there are rains, sunny days are very valuable to inhabitants. Average temperature in July 20°С to 24°C. Astana is my first dream city in the world. I love my capital of Astana.

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