Жаңа сабақтар

Would you like some juice?

Мейрханова Бибинур Асылханкызы
Ақтөбе облысы Шалкар ауданы
№1мектеп- гимназиясынын ағылшын тілі пані мұғалімі

Theme: Would you like some juice?

The aim: to enrich pupils’ knowledge about meals using the language structure “Would you like some…?”

The objectives: -educational: to introduce and consolidate the new words and structures;

-developing: to develop pupils’ skills and abilities in listening, speaking and writing; to develop their

interactive communicative competence;

-bringing-up: to arouse pupils’ interest to learning English; to bring up a well- educated person;

would you like some.doc
would you like some.ppt

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