The theme: Food and Drink

Алматы облысы, Қарасай ауданы, “Қ.Қошмамбетов атындағы орта мектеп” КММ

Ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі Аманкельды Жадыра Аманкелдіқызы

6 сыныбында өтілетін сыныптан тыс іс-шара

The theme: Food and Drink

The aims:

To enrich the pupil’s speech using the new lexical and the plural forms of nouns;

To develop their reading, writing, speaking skills and grammar, lexical habits;

To bring up pupils to be attentive.

Procedure of the lesson:

Greeting pupils:

Good morning children! I’m glad to see you! Today we begin to learn the plural forms of nouns.

Warm — up:

Let’s repeat the words we have learnt, I’ll tell you the sound you must say the words with this sound.

New theme:

On the blackboard there are nouns, you need to say where countable and uncountable nouns are.

After it you read these nouns and write them in your dictionaries.

Then, talk to your partner what you like and what you don’t like.


Look at the board there are sentences with plural forms:

I have two apples.

He like potatoes, but don’t like rice.

What are differences in these sentences?

Plural nouns are formed with suffixes: — s, — es

Dog — dogs

Rose — roses

Film — films

If noun end on: — s, — ss, — o, — x, — ch, — sh, that suffix –es is added.

Bus — buses

Box — boxes

Dress — dresses

Match — matches

Brush — brushes


Now, each of you go to the blackboard and write the plural form of nouns:

Stone, game, apple, cake, fox, glass, cup, book, etc.

And, write out from the list countable and uncountable nouns.


Listen and read the pronunciation of letter o

[ou], stone, note, nose, rose

Oo }

[o], dog, stop, sock, not

Results of the lesson.

Giving marks.

Home task.

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