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The comparative and superlative of good and bad

Қарағанды облысы, Балқаш қаласы
№16 лингвистикалық бағыттағы орта мектептің
ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі
Дүзелбайқызы Ардақ


Theme: “the comparative and superlative

of good and bad”

Type of the lesson: open lesson


Practical aim: Generalization and systematization of knowledge of the subject.

Educational aim: to read about the telescope. To learn how to work with comparative and superlative forms of good and bad.

Educative aim: To develop tolerant attitudes towards foreign languages by using reading, speaking;

Developing aim: To develop pupils’ speaking and reading skills through doing different tasks. And to develop student’s memory, logical and critical thinking.


To present new material about telescope;

Work with grammar in group.

Formed competences:

Linguistic competence: vocabulary (new words)

Speech competence: writing, reading, speaking, listening.

Means of teaching: Student’s book, vocabulary, pictures, worksheets, presentation, crossword, whiteboard.

Stages Procedure of the lesson Time
1. Beginning of the lesson Greeting 5 min

5 min

I. Organization moment.

— Good morning, dear students! I’m glad to see you. Welcome to English lesson! How are you today?

— Fine, thanks.

— I’m fine too. If you are ready, let’s begin our lesson.

-What day is it today?

-What date is it today?

-Who is absent?

-Children, what season is it now?

-What is the weather like today?

— Very good, today we are going to have a very interesting lesson about telescope.

Grammar: the comparative and superlative of good and bad.

-Let’s divide into three groups and work with group.

-Then, let’s check our hometask. What was your hometask?

2.Main stage II. Warm up exercise:

Let’s study a proverb.

“An apple a day, keep the doctor away”


-Now, pupils look at the whiteboard. There are comparative and superlative forms of good or bad.

The comparative and superlative of good and bad are irregular.

good better the best

bad worse the worst

For example:

This computer better than those.

Arman’s mobile phone is the best in class.

This telescope is worse than those.

Batyr’s marks the worst in class.

-Now, please give me your own examples.

Ok, look at the book to exercise 1at page 84. Look at the information. Then read the sentences. Which telescope is it?

1. It’s got four stars. That’s the best rating.

2. It’s the cheapest, but it’s got the worst rating.

3. It’s more expensive than the Zoomi but it isn’t as good.

4. It isn’t as good as the Kent but it is better than the Delta.

(1- Zoomi, 2- Delta, 3-Kent, 4- Telstar)

-Then, listen and check please.

Relaxing moment.

I can read, I can write,

I can speak English too,

I love learning English

And what about you!

Ok, let’s continue our exercises. Look at the exercise 3 at page 84.

Look at the hotel ratings, then complete the sentences with words from the grammar box.

The Silver Beach

The Grand Hotel

The Sahara

The Coach House

10 min

5 min.

2 min

3 min

1. The Silver Beach has got the …….rating.

2. The Coach House has got the ……rating.

3. The Grand Hotel isn’t as……as the Silver Beach but it’s……than the Sahara.

4. The Sahara’s rating is …..than the Grand’s.

(1-best, 2-good,3-good,better, 4-worse)

-Now, we’ll work with cards. I’ll give you cards with tasks. In your cards you see pictures. You must choose right answers.

For example: This car is the …. .

The….drink in our country is kymys.

Her pencil is …. than mine.

Exercise 4a. Reading.

Read a Matt’s essay and choose a title.

a) The sky at night

b) My favourite pastime

c) A holiday in Cornwall.

4b. Answer the questions.

1. Why did Matt and his family go to Cornwall?

2. What was the problem?

3. Did they have a good holiday?

4. Has Matt got a new telescope?

5. What was one of his best moments?

3 min

7 min

2. Conclusion -Dear pupils and teachers! Our lesson has just finished. All pupils worked hard and they showed their best knowledge. Thank you for taking an active part in our open lesson. You were very active. I hope this lesson was interesting for you and you have known much new and useful information.

-Giving marks.

-Pupils’ opinion about lesson.(2 жұлдыз 1 тілек)

-Hometask. Your home task will be exercise 5 at page 84 and the text Swim! Emily’s ambition. at page 85. To read and translate.

5 min


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