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The English Year II

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Teacher/Мұғалім: Medetova Indira Nurlybayevna
Date/Күні: 11.04.2016
Grade/Сынып: 4“V”grade
Theme/Тақырыбы The English Year II
Main idea/Негізгі түйінді идеясы: Cooperative learning
Aim of learning/

Оқу мақсаты:

Students should be able to learn the vocabulary of the topic,read the text about the English Year II and answer the questions
Сriteriа /Табыс критерийлері:
All students/Барлық оқушылар: Majority of students/Көпшілік оқушылар: Certain students/

Жекелеген оқушылар:

should be able to use the vocabulary of the topic there isthere are structure and read the text should be able to use the countable and uncountable nouns, there is there are structure, answer the questions on the text. should be able to use the vocabulary of the topic there isthere are structure and speak on the text, make a sentences using the pronouns “some, any”


Time/уақыт Teacher’s activity/

мұғалімнің әрекеті

Student’s activity/оқушының әрекеті Evaluation/




I. Organization moment

Ұйымдасты-ру бөлімі

5 min -greets with the students

-checks up the attendance of students

-pays students’ attention to the lesson

— makes a good atmosphere: I wish you good luck

— Checking up home task

-greet with the teacher

-act on duty

-prepare for the lesson

-tell each other wishes

— Our home task is to write the

essay on theme: “My favourite season”



II. Warm-up 3 min Brainstorming.

-What season is it now?

-What month is it now?


Listen to the audio disk “My favourite season.”

-What is the weather like in spring?

-What is the weather like in winter?

-What is the weather like today?

-What was the weather like yesterday?

3)Divide students into 4 groups your favourite seasons:

Answer the questions.

It`s warm and sunny today.

-It was rainy and warm yesterday.

Students divide into 4 groups the seasons

Audio disk


Pictures of the 4 seasons

III. Introduction/



2 min Today we are going to speak about the Indefinite pronouns “someany”. At first we must remember the noun. Noun is divided into two groups. Countable and uncountable nouns .Can you give examples?

We use some and any with uncountable nouns and plural nouns. The general rule is that you use «some» in positive sentences and «any» in negative sentences and questions.

The general rule is that we use some and no in positive (+) sentences and any in question (?) and negative (-) sentences.

Teacher will give the new words.

Pupils will write the new words in your vocabulary Stickers Slides


English book III

III. The main stage/негізгі бөлім 28 min Group work. Complete with some or any

Начало формы

1. I’ve got bananas.

Конец формы

Начало формы

2. I haven’t got apples.

Конец формы

Начало формы

3. Have you got orange juice?

Конец формы

Начало формы

4. He’s got milk.

Конец формы

Начало формы

5. Are there chips?

Конец формы

Начало формы

6. Has he got wine?

Конец формы

Начало формы

7. There aren’t apples.

Конец формы

Начало формы

8. There are eggs.

Конец формы

Начало формы

9. I haven’t got tomatoes.

Конец формы

Начало формы

10. There is cheese.

Group work Ex8p.277. Read the text “The English Year II”

Pupils will complete the sentences. Someany Each teams will do their tasks in cards.

Очередь просмотра Очередь__count__/__total__





English III book

Making posters.

Presenting their posters.

Make a posters Present their posters.

About the text

IY.Conclusion/Қорытынды бөлім


Үй жұмысы



7 min Showing their understanding the lesson by showing the colours “red apple and green apple”

Homework: Puzzle time

Feedback : Ask students to write feedback. “Apple Tree”

Pupils take the red or green apples. They must put their apples on a tree. If they understand the new theme they choose green apple “red apple and green apple”

By stickers

“red apple and green apple”

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