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The Subject: English

Алматы қаласы Ш.Смаханұлы атындағы№ 62 гимназиясының ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі Берниязова Гулмира Алшынқызы

The Subject: English

Form: 7 b

The time 45min

The teacher: Berniyazova. G. A

The theme of the lesson: «Different customs»
The Aim of the lesson: To give new material about the grammar Adverbs.

To give them information about the different customs of different countries.

The results: The students know more information about about Adverbs and different customs .
The main ideas: The students take information about about Adverbsand learn to use it in their speaking.
Used materials: Book, work book, CD and the slide show.
Let`s divide into three groups.( with puzzle) Give groups their names.

Explain them the way of marking. Give the group leaders evaluationpapers

«The bridge»

The tasks which was taken at previous lesson & which will help to learn the new lesson. Tasks for revision.

  1. The pupils did the tasks at home, will be ready for the home tasks.
  2. At previous lesson we`ve done exercises this is close for that. Let`s do some tasks for Problems.

3 . Each group think a problem and others will give advice.

ІІ part (work in groups) a. Lets work with this rebus. You have to guess what proverb is hidden here.

Every country has its customs.

а) the pupils will guess the proverb and give Kazakh and Russian equivalent for the proverb.(Cколько стран, столько обычаев. У каждый страны свой обычай) (Әр елдің салты басқа, иттері ала қасқа)

ә) What do you think about the theme of the lesson. Yes you are right. The theme is Different customs.

What do you think what will we learn.

Тheory: «Knowledge»

(according to the grammar materials meaning who? what?

what kind of? how? when? What have done?these kind of questions which can give full answers.

  1. exercise 1p98. Work with the text. Find what kind of custom is given in your text and what country is it? — How do they greet ? Show it.


(why? for what? The reason? questions will help pupils to make their answers full & important

  1. Grammar material Adverbs. Ex 3 p 99



2. Whats the difference?

3. Whats the similarity ?

4. Write down the main idea of the grammar. We can use such a kind of tasks. Or 1-3 tasks we can use Venn diagramm.

  1. Listening. Listen and do the quiz. Ex 2 a p 98
  2. Comprehension check ex2 b p 98
  3. Individual tasks for the ABC levels pupils.
  4. Level A: 1- well, wonderful, quickly, happy, beautiful,
  5. Level B: dangerously, fast, marten cooks well, she dances
  6. Level C: quickly, beautiful, expensively, carefully, happily, cheaply
Тheory: «Analysis»(make conclusion, give explanation, put the sentences in correct order, complete the table, сomplete the table or crossword etс.
  1. Work with a poster. Work with cards the pupils will choose

The headings of the topics:

Food, Particular occasions, Language .

Each group will talk about differences and similarities of given headings.

Traditions of any kind of country concerning the theme.

«Synthesis» exercises (5 minutes)
Practice: «Synthesis»( work with books use only simple tasks. Work with formulars ) exercises B, C p 99

answer B) angry, anxiously, badly, calmly, carefully, easily, loudly, luckily, nicely

answer c) anxiously, carefully, angrily, badly, quietly, slowly, easily, quickly

Reflection Work with camomile. Pupils will write their opinions according to Bloom
Practice: «Evaluation» (How do you think? What have you done? Such a kind of tasks will help pupils to use their knowledge (in theory) & (in practice)will use to decide the situation in their life 1. Ask students to write their own examples according to the grammar material.

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