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The Subject: English

Алматы қаласы Ш.Смаханұлы атындағы№ 62 гимназиясының ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі Берниязова Гулмира Алшынқызы

The Subject: English

Form: 5ә

The time 14:20-15:05

The teacher: Berniyazova.G.A

The theme of the lesson: «I’d like a hamburger»
The Aim of the lesson: To give new material about the grammar “would like”.

To give them information about the fast food.

The results: The students know more information about would and fast food .
The main ideas: The students take information about would and learn to use it in their speaking.
Used materials: Book, work book, CD and the slide show.
Let`s divide into three groups.( with fruits: apple, orange, banana) Give groups their names.

Explain them the way of marking. Give the group leaders evaluation papers.

«The bridge»

The tasks which was taken at previous lesson & which will help to learn the new lesson. Tasks for revision.

  1. The pupils did the tasks at home, will be ready for the home tasks.
  2. At previous lesson we`ve done poster the first group about our world, the second group swimming pool

3 . Each group about my room.

ІІ part (work in groups) a. Lets work with questions 1. Do you like fast foods? And why?

2. What kind of fast foods do you like?

ә) What do you think about the theme of the lesson. Yes you are right. The theme is “I’d like a hamburger”.

What do you think what will we learn?

Тheory: «Knowledge»

(according to the grammar materials meaning who? what?

what kind of? how? when? What have done?these kind of questions which can give full answers.

  1. Work with the text. Find what kind of fruits is given in your text ? say it.
  1. Do you know where does the orange, apple, banana come from?
  2. Ex: 3. True (T) or false (F)

a) Cheese comes from Europe. — T
b) Lamb comes from Colorado and Montana –T
c) Coffee comes from Kazakhstan. — F
d) In the USA oranges come from Arizona. – F
e) Bananas come from South America. — F



(why? for what? The reason? questions will help pupils to make their answers full & important

  1. New words: watermelon[ˈwɔːtəˌmelən]-қарбыз




  1. Grammar material “would”. “Want”- сыпайы түрі . for example:

a) He was very hungry, he wants to eat

I’d like some pizza

  1. would you pass me please my purse?

Менің сөмкемді беріп жібермейсіз бе,өтініш?

  1. Work with partner.




2. Whats the difference?

3. Whats the similarity ?

4. Write down the main idea of the grammar. We can use such a kind of tasks.

  1. In relaxation time I’m going to read some riddles and you should find the answers

a)Clean, but not water, White, but not snow,

Sweet, but not ice-cream, What is it?

(Answer: SUGAR)

b)You smile when you name it.

The mouse likes it very much.

(Answer: CHEESE)

  1. One little apple on a tree

Two apples for you and me

Three apples by the door

And four apples on the floor

The apples are good and sweet

Can you count all them

Answer [10]

  1. Work with the fast food’s box. in the box given fried potatoes with questions. Pupils answer these questions

Where do apples come from in Kazakhstan?

Where do oranges come from in Kazakhstan?

Where does cheese come from in Kazakhstan?

Where does fish come from in Kazakhstan?

Where does meat come from in Kazakhstan?

Complete these sentences


Would /like/you /on/orange?


Тheory: «Analysis»(make conclusion, give explanation, put the sentences in correct order, complete the table, сomplete the table or crossword etс.
  1. Work with pyramid
«Synthesis» exercises (5 minutes)
Practice: «Synthesis»( work with books use only simple tasks. Work with formulars )
  1. Exercise 9. What are the names of the things in the picture? Match the words to the picture.
Practice: «Evaluation» (How do you think? What have you done? Such a kind of tasks will help pupils to use their knowledge (in theory) & (in practice)will use to decide the situation in their life 1. Ask students to write their own examples according to the grammar material.

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