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The Subject: English

Алматы қаласы № 62 гимназиясының ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі Берниязова Гулмира Алшынқызы

Ш.Смаханұлы атындағы№ 62 гимназия

The Subject: English

Form: 5ә

The time 13:30-14:15

The teacher: Berniyazova.Gulmira Alshynkyzy

The theme of the lesson: «I don’t work here»
The Aim of the lesson: To give new material about the grammar “present simple”.

To give them information about the professions.

The results: The students know more information about present simple and professions.
The main ideas: The students take information about present simple and learn to use it in their speaking.
Used materials: Book, work book, CD and the slide show.
Let`s divide into three groups.( with puzzles: musician, builder, pilot ) Give groups their names.

Explain them the way of marking. Give the group leaders evaluation pa

«The bridge»

The tasks which was taken at previous lesson & which will help to learn the new lesson. Tasks for revision.

  1. The pupils did the tasks at home, be ready to the home tasks.
  2. Exercises 4,2 at page 41-42

3 . You should doby method of “ Ahot chair”

ІІ part (work in groups) a. Let`s work with method brain storm. I’ll give you some definitions , you should find words.1. a job that needs a special education and training. 2. The regular paid work that you do for an employer. 3. To do the job that you are paid for. 4. A person who has special knowledge and skill relating to a particular job, area of study,etc

ә) What do you think about the theme of the lesson. Yes you are right. The theme is “I don’t work here”.

What do you think what will we learn?

Тheory: «Knowledge»

(according to the grammar materials meaning who? what?

what kind of? how? when? What have done?these kind of questions which can give full answers.

  1. Grammar material present simple аты айтып тұрғандай іс әрекеттің дәл қазір болып жатқандығын білдіреді. Осы шақтың көмекші етістігі do/does. I ‘ll give you thinking of paper. You should write about present simple
  1. New words:

Builder [ bıldә ] құрылысшы

Electrican [ılek’trıʃәn] электрик

Plumber [plɅmә] су құбыршы



(why? for what? The reason? questions will help pupils to make their answers full & important

  1. Exercises 1. Listen and repeat . then match pictures 1-8 with the words in the box. Which words in the box are …not in the picture?
  1. Exercises 6. Complete the dialogues below with the correct form of the verb in brackets : (live), (speak), (come from), (live), (study)



2. Whats the difference?

3. Whats the similarity ?

4. Write down the main idea of the grammar. We can use such a kind of tasks.

  1. In relaxation time I’m going to say some names of profession you should show it with mimicry. Secretary, police officer, doctor, teacher, shop assistant, singer, artist
  2. Exercises 2. Listen and read. Complete the dialogue with the correct phrases from the box. –cool, -very funny, — don’t look at me, -ok, guys
  3. Exercises 3. Answer (T) or false (F)

Zac is from Cuba

Zac is British

Zac’s parents are from Cuba

In the daytime Zac is nurse at the youth club

Zac is a plumber

Тheory: «Analysis»(make conclusion, give explanation, put the sentences in correct order, complete the table, сomplete the table or crossword etс.
  1. Work with method Cynkvein (poster ) builder, musician , pilot
  1. Noun 1
  2. Verb 2
  3. Adjective 3
  4. phrases 4
  5. synonym 5
«Synthesis» exercises (5 minutes)
Practice: «Synthesis»( work with books use only simple tasks. Work with formulars )
  1. Exercise 1 w. b Rearrange the letters to make jobs
Reflection five fingers

1- What have I learnt today?

2- What was interesting things for me?

I have a question

4- What have I learnt from my classmates?

5- My wish……

Practice: «Evaluation» (How do you think? What have you done? Such a kind of tasks will help pupils to use their knowledge (in theory) & (in practice)will use to decide the situation in their life 1. Ask students to write their own examples according to the grammar material.

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